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    Here's why you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 7...yet

    I have been answering all of my friends on the forums and when giving my own personal advice about iOS 7 and updating right away there were 2 constants I maintained and this article pretty much solidifies what i have been saying.

    I have said that I was waiting for at least a week to update my 4S because of several things. One is that i wanted to be sure I got a good download and with everyone going for it be it OTA or like I will be doing and that is tethering to iTunes just because i have always done it that way and my personal choice of OS updates. The servers will be taxed to their limits and there is bound to be issues.
    I have seen and read enough to not me worried about being the first and I can handle waiting. I also know that ALL developers as hard as they have been working with the new developer tools to get their current apps up to date and iOS 7 ready that just is not going to happen and if you choose to read this article and hope you do, All apps are not going to look right, work right, and respond the way they do now. If you do update and what I said happens, You won't be able to go back to your old OS.

    The biggest thing I have been saying and the reason I am waiting until October to buy my new 5S even though my upgrade is ready now because there will be the obligatory updates from Apple which there always are for different bug fixes. I will update in about a week if I hear positive things about the functionality of the apps I am using on a daily basis that I cannot do without.
    Anyway here is the link and I would suggest you read the article yourself and think before you update right away instead of waiting. No matter what you do good luck and hope for the best!

    Here's why you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 7...yet | iMore
    09-17-2013 03:17 PM
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    09-17-2013 03:20 PM

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