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    As some of us may be aware, there is a bug when using iCloud contacts where you go to edit a contact and the whole app force closes. The issue was discussed in the following thread...

    [iPhone] Contacts.app crashing when editing contact? - MacRumors Forums

    So I went through my whole contact list tonight and investigated the bug. I found the following results:

    I had 5 contacts which when I attempted to edit, caused the crash. All contacts except for one, contained name, email address, street address and phone numbers. The one lone contact only contained an address. Please note, I had plenty of other contacts with similar information (numbers, emails, addresses) that worked perfectly fine.

    Contact 1 - phone numbers, email, home address (NY)
    Contact 2 - phone numbers, home address (NY)
    Contact 3 - address only (NY)
    Contact 4 - phone number, email, home address (SC)
    Contact 5 - phone numbers, home address (NY)

    Contacts 1, 3 and 4 had their street addresses "lost" somehow. I know they were in there back on iOS 6, but at some point during an iOS backup/restore, somehow iCloud corrupted the entry and deleted this portion.

    Contacts 2 and 5 were still perfectly in tact, in terms of their addresses, but were also somehow corrupted even though I couldnt see any issues.

    FIX: Remember or write down the contact info you have for the affected contacts. Use icloud.com to edit them (deleting the whole address field) then go back into your device and re-enter the info. Once this was done, I was able to view and edit these contacts from iOS7 with zero issues.

    My guess is that address data becomes corrupted, causing these force close issues. For anyone with the issues, please comment and let me know if this fix works for you or if your force close causes differ in any way. But I'm nearly certain its all due to the address field.
    09-02-2013 02:14 AM
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    Thanks for the tip, and have a great Labor Day holiday....
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    09-02-2013 09:23 AM

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