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    I decided to make the leap to iOS 7 last night, just to try it out. I don't have a dev account. I had an iCloud backup from the night before, and did a full backup on my computer before installing iOS 7. I downloaded the iOS 7 beta 3 ipsw (found on a torrent site), along with a 6.1.4 ipsw for future use, installed iOS 7 without a hitch, and had iOS 7 running on my AT&T iPhone 5. I used it for about an hour and decided to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.4.

    When I plugged my phone into my computer, a new backup was created, of iOS 7, since I still had that option checked. Oops... Not the end of the world though, as I had my iCloud (6.1.4) backup from the night before. So I restored my phone from the iCloud backup without any problems. Everything went smoothly, apps installed etc., except after a little while, I was prompted to enter account passwords for 5 different Apple ID's. One of them was my stepsister's, and I understand why that one showed up. But there were four that I didn't recognize. Those had never been there before...

    I can cancel the login popups, no problem, it's just a little annoyance. What I'm more concerned about is security. I don't know how exactly those accounts got there, and I'm worried that my account may be popping up on other devices, considering other people's accounts are showing up on mine. I've done a good amount of research hoping to find some answers, but the only resource I could find that had ANY sort of relevance to my problem was this:
    Tapped Out CRITICAL BUG (iOS 7 - Users can log in on another users accounts) - Answer HQ
    Again, very loosely related.

    Is it possible that the ipsw's (either 7 beta 3 or 6.1.4) are being shared by users and somehow connecting different accounts? I'd really like to make sure that my phone is secure, and I'd really like to remove any connection to any accounts but my own. If anyone has any helpful ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. You're even welcome to scold me, I know I have it coming...

    Thanks in advance!
    07-16-2013 12:44 PM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    Is there any chance that you had used those iTunes accounts to install an app or two? I’ve seen that when apps are purchased under a different account... you are then prompted for the credentials for that other account before you can upgrade and/or activate the app.
    07-16-2013 12:59 PM
  3. FreddyPancakes's Avatar
    Nope, I actually Googled all of the email addresses. First of all I live in Pennsylvania and don't do any international travel, nor do I know anyone internationally. One email address is ".co.uk", another is ".com.au", another is a gmail.com, but the person seems to live in Argentina, and the fourth one posted on a Britney Spears forum. Additionally, my phone was still restoring today at work, about 15 hours after I started the restore. So I cancelled the restore and did a full wipe and started another restore from iCloud about two hours ago. It still says that it's working on the restore, and since I don't have iTunes match, none of my music is on my phone, aside from the two tracks I've purchased from iTunes over the years. But interestingly enough, there are songs listed that I know I never purchased, and when I tap one of them to play, I'm prompted for all five logins, and since I don't have the passwords I can't play any of them.

    Wait a minute, is it possible that those songs were iTunes rips that I downloaded? If someone else purchases them and then uploads them, will they go to my cloud, but still be attached, somehow, to the original buyer? Then again, I'd never had to enter someone else's Apple ID to play them, which makes me wonder...
    07-16-2013 01:45 PM
  4. aera's Avatar
    I have had a similar issue with multiple usernames coming up only when I get a new phone or upon a full restore. I didn't have the issue until I bought my iPhone 4 from a friend. After I got it home and restored it for myself, I was prompted with a user name that was not mine clicked cancel and entered in my credentials (I chalked it up to maybe even after a restore somehow his data was trapped somewhere in the phone). Next time I talked to him he said that wasn't even his username for iTunes. Then when I upgraded from 4 to 4s the same thing happened with that very same username plus about 2 more. Again I just clicked cancel enetered in my login and was good to go. Same thing again when I upgraded to my 5 but with 2 more usernames. And finally happened a fourth time when I received a replacement 5 with even 2 more usernames.

    Now anytime I do a restore I have to cancel through at least 7 usernames that are not mine before I can enter my info.

    Interesting theory about the ripped music being downloaded, I've never had any issues after canceling through the usernames but I'm going to keep an eye on this thread, hopefully someone can provide some insight.
    07-16-2013 04:26 PM

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