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    Discovered (or at least showcased) by user Sergey Romanov, the bug is deemed critical and has been captured on film.

    Touch screen is not respond to touch after restart, if the battery is charged for less than 20%
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Discharge the battery of iPhone to less than 20%
    2) Turn Off your iPhone
    3) Turn On your iPhone and wait when appears notification about a weak battery
    4) Try to unlock the screen

    Expected Results:
    When user slid along the label "slide to unlock", device must be unlocked or if user slided to open Camera or Control Center this functionality must be opened.

    Actual Results:
    Touch screen is not respond to any touches (slide to unlock, slide to open camera, slide to open Control Center).

    if you connect the device to charge and turn it on again, the touch screen responds to touch. I think this problem occurs if appears notification of a weak battery.

    Additional information:
    Device: iPhone 4 16 GB
    iOS Version: 7.0 (11A4400f)

    taken from the
    Critical iOS 7 Bug Prevents Touchscreen Input on 20% Battery ? Video
    07-05-2013 09:01 AM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing this information. I would suggest that you go to the http://bugreporter.apple.com site and report this issue to Apple, as specified in the Apple Developer Program guidelines.
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    07-05-2013 10:21 AM
  3. End_User's Avatar
    I have seen it where using Siri to launch an app like "Launch Photos" will get you out of the frozen screen. Thanks for the info on how you get into the frozen screen I have had a few times but haven't been able to figure out what causes it.
    07-05-2013 10:36 AM
  4. Premium1's Avatar
    I never had this bug which I am glad for. Hopefully apple will get this all worked out before the GM.
    07-05-2013 09:57 PM

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