1. ckalli's Avatar
    has anyone noticed all the pictures videos etc has only the white iPhone 5.

    what about the black one? there were rumors that there will be a black and white version of ios. and yes..there is a lot of white in the OS. is there going to be a black themed one as well?

    is there a black iPhone in the ios 7 videos? did i miss it.. or has everyone forgotten about the black phone.

    p.s. i have a white one, so i'm cool!
    06-13-2013 08:20 AM
  2. jerryjin's Avatar
    I've noticed it as well, but there was only one scene with a black iPhone where the demonstrated airdrop
    06-13-2013 08:29 AM
  3. sting7k's Avatar
    Those are only for the eyes of black iPhone owners.
    06-13-2013 08:29 AM
  4. stoneland's Avatar
    I really hope there is an option for a "darker" theme because all that white is too much for my eyes...
    jerryjin likes this.
    06-13-2013 08:38 AM

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