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    I'm having problems recovering the backups from iCould.

    All my backups for all iDevices show up with a different Apple ID.
    Could this be the thief Apple ID ??

    Noticed this first 1 week after macbook & ipad were stolen.

    Bought a new ipad and I was unable to restore from iCloud backup.
    Every time I tried the same Apple ID keeps showing up "wudi0727@foxmail.com" (this apple ID belongs to China, where Foxmail is quite common)

    Tried to recover and old backup from my iphone 4 & same Apple ID appears...

    Now, 1 month after the devices were stolen i just restored my iphone 5 & again the same Apple ID appears.
    Can't use any of my iCould backups! (not ipad, not iphone 4, not iphone 5...)

    What is wrong with my Apple ID or iCould ??? I don't understand anything
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    04-14-2014 08:09 AM
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    Backups, at least to my understanding, are assigned to the Apple ID and not to a particular device, although it might show what device the backup was created with. Still, I could, for instance, use a backup made with my iPad Mini and restore it to my iPhone 5 as long as know the Apple ID. Having said that, when you opt to restore from an iCloud backup using YOUR Apple ID, you should only see backups created with that particular Apple ID. I can't se how you would see a backup made with another user's information without being logged in with that user's credentials. Still, you might want to contact Apple and have them investigate, just in case.
    04-14-2014 08:16 AM
  3. blazedani's Avatar
    All the backups were made with my Apple ID.
    I log in my devices with my Apple ID to see the backups.

    The problems comes when I chose one of my backups & then it shows another Apple ID & ask for password to use that backup.
    It happens with all the backups, no matter what device.

    I was in China and there was no Apple Store.
    Now that I came back to Europe i'll go today to an Apple Store.

    But If anyone on the forum can help with their experience it would be great.
    Not sure if Apple would do much about this...
    04-14-2014 08:58 AM

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