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    I think the perfect blend would be the functionality of iOS 7 with the aesthetics of iOS 6.
    Apple should of built on top of iOS 6 instead of rewriting it. I am use to a quick response from unlocking to launching apps and exiting. And can't forget performance. even the new iPhone 6 is slow because of the show of animations. An extra GB of RAM is needed to run the animations.
    11-02-2014 09:52 PM
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    I prefer iOS 7. The only thing from iOS 6 I want back, is the look of the icons on the home screen.
    Apps looked a lot better with iOS 6. There was more design. Each app had it's own ui going own, which I didn't mind. It was neat.
    11-02-2014 09:53 PM
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    I'm not looking to start a fight or huge debate but wanted to voice my thoughts about Apple and it's current state.

    Last night I upgraded to iOS 7 and by this morning I downgraded back to iOS 6. I want to see if anyone else was as disappointed in iOS 7 was me. I'm not saying ALL of iOS 7 was a bust but a large portion of what I loved about Apple/iOS and the iPhone has be considering switching to DROID when my contract is up in one year.

    Overall the strong, bold look that iOS 6 (and before) had was great. Rich icons, strong screens and user friendly across the board. In iOS 7 all the useful gestures, shortcuts and friendliness of ease is gone. I want to talk about the most used apps where this is most apparent.

    iMessages: though there isn't a huge change in text messages I find it harder to navigate and even type with the new OS. The top of the screen where <-Messages NAME and icons appear is harder to figure out than before. Plus it feels tight up there in the space provided.

    Photos: The icon annoys me. Who was responsible for the icons? Ives? Jeez, it looks more like a paint swatch than photos. That goes the same for Game Center.

    iCal: Holy God! WHAT HAPPENED?! iCal on iOS 6 and before was PERFECT. I used it daily and viewed everything in Month View, which is GONE GONE, GONE BABY GONE. Now you have to tap on your day and scroll through the ENTIRE DAY to see what is happening. No more list view that is conveniently on the bottom of the FULL month. WFT?! With the update it's completely useless.

    Camera: personally it bothers. For my iPhone 5 there have been no real major updates that I couldn't already do before with iOS 6. Sure adding filters in app is cool but I could do that with Instagram and it didn't cause me any discomfort.

    Reminders: I preferred the way it was before. Color coded is a nice feature but it looks and feels childish. Going through reminders in the iOS felt more frustrating and difficult than tapping on a list and checking off the items one by one.

    Safari: There are not enough words to describe how dramatically different Safari is from the previous version. I know people and Apple will claim it's the most used browser and will be #1 in time but I don't see that happening with this version. EVERYTHING i loved about Safari is gone. The search bubble is missing and now is a unified web/search bar, the bottom toolbar where I can toggle forward/back, add bookmarks, open tabs, etc. disappears when I am not using it. I can see what Apple was shooting for but they missed the mark in my opinion. Nothing feels like it use to and I thought the point of updates was to IMPROVE on the previous version. Viewing all my open pages is GOD AWFUL. Over the top view and the X is hard to see to close out pages.

    Quick access menu: Great addition but poorly executed. This isn't more obvious than while using Safari. Reading through webpages is fine but if you swipe a bit too close to the bottom the Quick Access menu pulls up. UGH!!!! And this was the feature of iOS 7 I wanted to most. A way to access WiFi, Bluetooth, Orientation in once place WITHOUT having to go into my settings. Too bad it's a FAIL.

    Overall look: Simplicity isn't always better. Say goodbye to bold, beautiful rich icons and backgrounds. Hello to Crayola, childish, hipster, uninspiring blah. If you are going to update the iOS have it go with the overall look of your flagship phone.

    Never before has Android devices looked more appealing. I want a phone the feels and looks like the time we are living in. Bold, cut, sleek and sharp. There are better iPhone concepts on the web than what Apple has produced. 2014 will be the make it or break it year for Apple.

    I honestly am beginning to think that with the death of Steve Jobs Apple died with him. I can honestly say that if there is no major changes next year Apple is doomed. With the latest releases of the iOS I am scared to think what Maverick will look like in time. These are the reasons I want to hold onto iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.5 for as long as I can.

    iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.4)
    MacBook 13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008
    OS X Version 10.8.5
    When it comes to performance, fast responsiveness, etc. iOS 6 was very good. (Especially on the iPhone 5.) Apple seems to have this attitude now a days. Yet there is no innovation. And iOS 8 has many bugs and design flaws from iOS 7. I honestly don't know why a company ships an incomplete operating system.
    11-02-2014 10:02 PM
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    Still rocking iOS 6.1 on my iPhone 5!!!! To Hell with iOS 8!!!!! I hope iOS 9 drives iOS back to the good side!!!!
    01-16-2015 09:11 PM
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