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    hi guys, i was wondering if you can help me. I'm using an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.2, and all the TV shows i sync are grouped by artist and not by the name of the show. Although they are grouped correctly by show on iTunes. I've checked and re checked the metadata using "info" on itunes. Is there anyway to group them back by show on iOS without editing the artists or making it blank?
    02-24-2013 07:41 AM
  2. Edmilan's Avatar
    02-28-2013 04:26 AM
  3. tgjb's Avatar
    Have a look to the *Video" and "Sorting" tabs from "Get info" in iTunes before to blank fields. You may also try to remove and add again files from iTunes library.
    It's not necessary to search such settings on iOS, it's only for end-user as the Rene's mother...

    03-02-2013 03:04 PM

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