1. Jerry_'s Avatar
    Since I migrated my iPad2 (wifi&3G) from iOS6.0.1 to iOS6.1 I am having troubles with accessing my Exchange account.

    Basically the Exchange server requires me to reintroduce my password ( even so it was unchanged and that he old password is accepted when provided in the settings)

    I am suspecting this to be related to another issue reported on www silicon fr, which states that battery performance with iOS6.1 is decreased due to excessive attempts to make up connections with Exchange server(s).

    In he same issue they report the fact that for the reason of those excessive number of calls, the Exchange server may block calls coming from the iOS6.1 device.

    Anybody else had this problem?
    02-11-2013 07:53 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I haven't. My iPhone and iPad are both configured to access exchange servers (Gmail & Outlook Mail) and I'm not having or have had any issues like what you described. Sorry. By the way, which exchange server are you having difficulty accessing?
    02-11-2013 08:25 AM
  3. Jerry_'s Avatar
    It is configured with the Exchange server parameters ( f.i. Gmail has its own settings when configuring a new account).

    The server is running (as far as I know) Exchange 2003 and usually has a very good accessibility. Also, what puzzles me, is that these problems only appeared after migrating to 6.1, while I know that others reported similar problems for 6.0 ( when mine was working fine).

    The site mentioned refers to a problem where the iOS is starting to loop, for getting the access to the Exchange server, thus creating the extra trafic.
    02-11-2013 12:12 PM
  4. Timhewitt's Avatar
    It's a known bug. A patch is coming in 6.1.1
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    02-11-2013 11:51 PM
  5. John Yester's Avatar
    3 Exchange server accounts all working well
    02-12-2013 09:18 AM
  6. Zolutar's Avatar
    Yet, my corporate server is feeling the pain if the exchange bug now, huge delays in emails. a 1000 field managers with iPads and iPhones equate to an it administers nightmare
    02-14-2013 01:18 AM
  7. LCW's Avatar
    The issue apparently is when you accept an exception to a recurring meeting notice. I had this happen on my iPhone 5 running 6.1. Was in an endless loop of getting the same meeting reminder over and over again. Actually deleted the meeting and then had to reboot the iPhone to make it stop.
    02-15-2013 07:18 AM

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