1. danib62's Avatar
    Is there a quick easy way in iOS 6 to delete contacts that are stored locally?

    Essentially for a while I was synching my contacts through iTunes into the contacts app on my macbook and then through that with google. I recently switched to syncing my contacts from my iphone directly with google used cardDAV but now essentially have two copies of each contact card on my iphone (a local copy and a cardDAV sync'd copy). I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the extra local copy (though iOS does automatically match them together). Is there a way to do this other than manually one by one?

    Thanks for the help!
    01-02-2013 11:56 PM
  2. iNotes4You's Avatar
    Try McBackup from AppStore.
    There is a function in Setting which can find and delete Duplicates.
    I don't know exactly if this function is available just in the Pro version. Anyway it's a good backup tool.Deleting local stored contacts-imageuploadedbytapatalk1357544489.597617.jpg
    01-07-2013 02:42 AM

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