1. alxdc's Avatar
    Hi, anyone experience this? Siri is not talking in the navigation. Anyone can help?
    09-20-2012 01:37 AM
  2. nikkisharif's Avatar
    I haven't experienced this problem. Maybe try rebooting your phone & see if that helps.
    09-20-2012 01:40 AM
  3. alxdc's Avatar
    i did...and its still the same
    09-20-2012 02:03 AM
  4. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Did you check the map settings in the settings menu?
    09-20-2012 02:10 AM
  5. alxdc's Avatar
    yup, everything is good. voice volume LOUD. but still no sound
    09-20-2012 02:37 AM
  6. Smj1982's Avatar
    Hey.. Having Same problem with voice..!! Even it's not showing directions in many places in india..can anybody tell me if its working in india. Even I can't see name of places near my residence.. it's just showing the city name .
    I think google maps were far better..google shows each and every detail..((
    09-20-2012 03:18 AM
  7. alxdc's Avatar
    just found out, where i am from will only have it next month.

    Apple - iOS 6 Feature Availability
    09-20-2012 03:45 AM