1. SteveW928's Avatar

    Does anyone know if Apple has added the ability to search all (or at least far more) fields and info in Contacts and Calendar (e.g. more like the OSX versions). It is an incredible pain, currently, that one can't.

    For example, I was just at dr appointment for my son yesterday and was asked about some info for one of his specialists. I couldn't find the contact, as I couldn't remember the name of the doctor. I had to sit, manually looking through all my contacts for like 5 minutes to find the info. It kind of makes one look like a fool with their fancy iPad or iPhone when it can't do something so simple. I really wish Apple would put more thought and priority into these core apps on mobile devices! (Yes, Apple, some of us DO use them for more than music, videos, and games.)
    09-05-2012 02:40 PM