1. ame's Avatar
    I was trying to update another coworker's phone today...and as last time, it decided to crash halfway through. I finally got it back and restored, but now everything (settings app, etc) keeps crashing. He's out of AppleCare coverage (don't get me started) and we don't really have time to take this thing out to the Apple store and let them do it.

    If I go in to DFU mode with it, will that allow it to redownload/restore the iOS again back to how it needs to be to properly function?
    07-02-2012 12:12 PM
  2. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Yes. I would put the phone in DFU and restore it to stock. Don't restore the phone from backup and see if the issues still exist.

    If the issues go away, start installing things slowly to see what is making the crashes happen. If you restore the phone and it still crashes with nothing installed, it might be time to drive to an Apple store.
    07-02-2012 01:00 PM
  3. ame's Avatar
    I just took it to the store. By the time I could sit and mess with this it would be too late, so I went at lunch. easy peasy. I figured it was just a bad install/update, as every dang one of these was this way.
    07-02-2012 03:18 PM