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    I'm assuming IOS 6 questions can go here for now.

    With the new IOS 6 and Mountain Lion coming out I'm wondering if anyone sees any potential problems with not upgrading to Mountain Lion. Unfortunately my MacBook predates Mountain Lion compatability because of the video card. Pffft! Perfectly good computer and obsolete. Will hold my opiniion on this, you don't wanna hear it.

    Anyway, I will obviously be missing out on some features but am I even going to be able to use IOS 6 on my laptop or will I have to saty at ver. 5 until I get a new laptop?

    Thanks for any insight.
    05-23-2012 12:48 PM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    actually there is an iOS 6 forum

    regarding the rest i do not think well have any concrete answers until iOS 6 is released to developers
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    05-23-2012 01:15 PM