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    Hello folks!

    6-month-old gen '4.5' Touch (the model released last October). I've 2 issues (the more annoying's in the subject, as the other's well-documented and there doesn't appear to be a solution - well, not yet at any rate...

    Okay, since 'updating' to 5.1, every so often (it's now happened 6 times since update) switching apps will kill the currently playing album; when I say 'kill', I don't just mean it's a case of switching to the music app and hitting 'play' - I mean I have to start the album over from the beginning! Doesn't matter if I've shuffled it, or am listening to the tracks in order, doesn't matter whether it's a downloaded album or a physical one uploaded via iTunes on my Mac (though, having said that, now thinking about it, 4 out of the 6 times have been with uploaded albums). It also doesn't matter if I've 1 other app running - or 21/31/41, etc. I can't even pin it on 1 specific album as, on the 6 occasions, it's been 6 different ones!

    I can't restore the device via OS X iTunes, as my Mac is 150 miles away. Is this a known issue...! Should I go see a Genius...?

    Issue 2 is the damned Wi-Fi problem! Ironically, I updated because the Wi-Fi signal at my hotel was so poor, and I'd read in a UK iOS mag that 5.1 improved signal strength - and it did - for about a week! Now it's even worse than before I updated!

    Ooh - I've just been reminded of something else - spelling miscorrections. For example, if I type 'because' incorrectly, it corrects it as 'becaus' omitting the final 'e'. it's the same with words such as 'believe', 'before' and 'became'. Also, if I type 'things' it wants to insert an apostrophe before the 's', and, sometimes, hitting space after a full stop doesn't automatically toggle shift, so I'm beginning sentences in lowercase.

    I've attempted to rectify the spelling by clearing the user dictionary in settings, but it's not helped; and I can't recall if the shift issue was around prior to updating or not - but I'm going to hazard a guess at 'not'.

    I'm autistic (Asperger's) and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation (I've an English degree too).

    I'm rather loathe to take it to a Genius (even though the ones at my local store are extremely lovely, wonderful, patient, generous and kind specimens of humanity) in case (s)he says the only thing they can do is restore it - and I have no backup!

    Anyone else having similar issues...? Would it be prudent to also post this in the Touch sub-forum...?

    Cheers dudes (and dudettes!)

    04-14-2012 01:46 PM