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    I have a Wifi network at work that requires me to go to a web page and accept the terms and conditions before I can use the connection. The lease expires each day so I have to do this each day to get access. I have an iPhone 4 and the latest IOS. So far, when I get to work, if I dont go to Safari and accpt the terms, the iPhone knows the network and thinks I am connected but the wifi network doesn't allow the phone to use the connection since I have not accepted the terms. From the searches I have done Wifi has priority for connections.

    It seems that I am not getting emails until I got to Safari and accept. It's like the phone keeps trying to use the wifi but the wifi won't let it (I haven't accepted the terms) and won't try the 3G connection to get mail. The only way I have been able to solve this is turn off wifi or remember to open safari to accept the terms.

    I have the same issue when traveling and using hotel wireless that requires an accept terms for each use. I.e. accept terms, use wifi, leave hotel for dinner, lease expires while I am gone, return to hotel - phone doesn't get emails until I go to safari and accept terms again.

    I don't have a problem with having to do this but would like it if the phone (or the email app) would tell me I have to establish the connection to wifi.

    Is ther some setting I am missing or should try?

    Thanks !
    02-03-2012 12:15 AM