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    I recently bought an at&t iphone 4 from a friend and made the mistake of upgrading it to ios 5.0.1. I am currently in a contract with tmobile so my goal is to unlock this iphone and get rid of my blackberry From what i been told is that ios 5 can not be unlocked. Ive tried to downgrade ios but have not been succesful. I dont know if theres anyone out there with any suggestions or should I just sell the iphone
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    01-26-2012 10:43 PM
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    There is no way to downgrade from 5.0.1, back down to 5.0. Cannot say for 4.3.5. A good note, you can possibly jailbreak your phone to unlock your phone, so it can work on your iP4. There are some jailbreaks, that make custom basebands, so it can work with the T-Mobile connection. You should look more into jailbreaking to see, if that can help you out. I may be wrong, but I am trying to help.
    01-27-2012 12:05 PM
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    bump. I'm currently in the exact same situation, many thanks in advance!
    01-27-2012 02:04 PM
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    If you upgrade to 5.0.1 or whatever, you are also updating your baseband. Even if you were able to downgrade to older version of iOS, you can't downgrade your baseband as far as I know.......so you're still out of luck.
    01-27-2012 04:39 PM