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    I got my first iPhone today (a 4 if it matters), updated to the latest OS and got things generally squared away. I used the Microsoft Exchange trick to get my Hotmail and Gmail contacts sync'd to my Contacts and I have my Facebook contacts sync'd as well, and that is where I am finding a problem. Some of my contacts, Grandma for example, have a different name on Facebook than what I would prefer to have their display name be. Is there a way to get these contacts to sync up with their facebooks?

    Another would be people who I don't really want their last names showing (close relatives for example), any way to get this to work?

    EDIT: Found a way to get it to work, but am leaving the original question incase anyone else also wondered. If you go to their facebook page and make sure that the email address they have listed on Facebook is also on your contact card, it will sync up and not mess with whatever name you have them under.
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    Use the app smartsync it let's u manually match the info pulls bdays etc and even photo at full resolution .. Way easier

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