1. solidkevin's Avatar
    If not whats the feature you are most looking forward too?
    10-06-2011 02:16 PM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    I love the non-intrusive notification system changes. And iMessage is great, too, as is the integrated Twitter client.
    10-06-2011 02:24 PM
  3. Phil DeLong's Avatar
    The revamped notification system will be very nice, and since I've most recently come from a BlackBerry iMessage seems really nice as well since it reminds me of BBM.
    10-06-2011 02:26 PM
  4. DjEli#WN's Avatar
    TO me the best feature as of now since im running the beta is the Imessage...Message send quick and fast also the notification bar
    10-06-2011 02:29 PM
  5. Farmdreads's Avatar
    Cards, by far. I hate writing with a pen so this is right up my alley.
    10-06-2011 02:34 PM
  6. FritzDaCat's Avatar
    Since my Mac is outdated, it's the lack of necessity for a computer to do updates, etc, from now on.
    10-06-2011 02:36 PM
  7. SkiPPy087's Avatar
    Top three

    1. Notifications
    2. iMessage
    3. Camera app improvements
    10-06-2011 02:38 PM
  8. Eric8199's Avatar
    Top three

    1. Notifications
    2. iMessage
    3. Camera app improvements
    I second that, in the same order, while including photo stream in the camera app improvements. The new notifications are GREAT. I don't know anyone else running the GM yet, so haven't had a chance to try iMessage yet, but looking forward to it replacing Kik.
    10-06-2011 02:52 PM
  9. jeffvanluijk's Avatar
    My favorite feature is the new notification system
    10-06-2011 02:55 PM
  10. Sneaksy's Avatar
    10-06-2011 03:09 PM
  11. OMGbrandon's Avatar
    That's not iOS 5 lol
    10-06-2011 03:13 PM
  12. asuperstarr's Avatar
    If not whats the feature you are most looking forward too?
    I look forward to notifications.
    10-06-2011 03:22 PM
  13. sidspappy's Avatar
    Notification update is way overdue.

    Camera improvements are welcome, especially hardware button and instant access.

    That it will be released for the 3GS is comforting, though since it remains as an active SKU, this shouldn't be surprising.
    10-06-2011 03:35 PM
  14. paul-c's Avatar
    Looking forward to Reminders. It looks promising.
    10-06-2011 03:38 PM
  15. iPhoneGleek's Avatar
    I would have to say iMessage & Siri (:
    10-06-2011 03:48 PM
  16. CrzyP's Avatar
    Notifications for sure! I switched from a blackberry over a year ago and really missed the notification system. I still think iOS sucks at autocorrect compared to the BB. I hope autocorrect gets addressed eventually.
    10-06-2011 03:50 PM
  17. Sketso's Avatar
    I just don't understand why people aren't more excited about the wireless sync and update! HUZZAH!

    The camera changes are grand, iMessage and notifications are swell too, but YAY wireless sync and update!!
    10-06-2011 04:14 PM
  18. wHoKares's Avatar
    I am looking foward to the Notification System and iMessage. Also the integration of iCloud, very useful.
    10-06-2011 04:20 PM
  19. zackawee27's Avatar
    I agree, Siri and the new notifications are going to be awesome!
    10-06-2011 05:17 PM
  20. Tillsworth's Avatar
    iMessage will be good. I'm glad it seems to be integrated into the Messages app as it used to irk me on my old Blackberry that my messages were in two different places. I'm also excited for the camera improvements. Does anybody know if you're able to create photo folders on the actual phone itself yet? That'd be fantastic.
    10-06-2011 05:21 PM
  21. mc511#CB's Avatar
    I think notifications. For awhile it was something that was intrusive and not helpful. It simplifies everything when playing a game or surfing the web.
    10-06-2011 05:44 PM
  22. AdamRoxby's Avatar
    I would have to say the feature I am most looking forward to is the updated notification system. Currently the way notifications are handled is just too complicated and intrusive.

    I'm also really looking forward to the reminders app, I am wondering if this would be a bit of competition for reminder apps like Omnifocus
    10-06-2011 05:45 PM
  23. trentandrews's Avatar
    The notification system
    10-06-2011 07:49 PM
  24. Theophany's Avatar
    Notifications and iMessage, definitely.

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    10-06-2011 07:59 PM
  25. johny2shoes's Avatar
    The Notification centre is top notch ;-)
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    10-06-2011 08:11 PM
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