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  1. Chuck_IV's Avatar
    I'm not having this issue, but have you rebooted your AW and are you on the current WatchOS 6.0.1?
    I am on 6.01 and have rebooted a couple times.
    10-02-2019 08:32 AM
  2. mbar9607's Avatar
    iOS 13 has so many issues this feels like Android from 2013....
    10-02-2019 08:33 AM
  3. trparky's Avatar
    iOS 13 has so many issues this feels like Android from 2013
    I wouldn't go that far, though I do have to wonder if Apple hired anyone from the Windows 10 dev team at Microsoft.
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    10-02-2019 10:20 AM
  4. zulu1128's Avatar
    The mail app is still flakey. Sometimes when I get a notification and open the mail app, the email isn’t there and I have to wait for it to appear. Sometimes it’s quick, other times it’s a few seconds.

    This never happened in iOS12. Mail was ALWAYS already there after a notification, when I opened the app. This is one of the reasons I always kept going back to the stock mail app.

    They really need to get the mail app back up to par.
    Agreed that it’s still pretty buggy, but it’s WAY better for me on 13.1.2 than previously.
    10-02-2019 12:06 PM
  5. Slash82's Avatar
    Since iOS 13 dropped I have had a bug where the screen keyboard doesn't come up when called upon. It usually takes multiple clicks in a dialogue window to bring up the keyboard in Safari in multiple forums that I have visited. Anyone else with this or other unresolved bugs?
    I don't have the problem you mentioned but some other problems:

    1.) Using my iPhone with bluetooth in my car. Don't have access to my call history before being connected anymore - so it just shows calls I did in car. With OS12 it showed my whole call history including missed calls.

    2.) Using my iPhone with bluetooth in my car. Contact details are messed up. It shows wrong numbers for different categories in my infotainment system. Like: iPhone number as work numbers and the other way around. Completely out of right categories.

    3. Battery life. While standby/off screen time has improved drastically - on screen time is way worse. I can see dropping battery level while using in a faster way than ever before.

    BTW. I'm using iPhone 8.
    10-02-2019 02:20 PM
  6. dsignori's Avatar
    Since iOS 13 and the New iPhone 11 Pro Max - I have noticed alert tones fluctuate in volume as well as keyboard click sounds.

    Anyone else having this issue. ?????
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    10-02-2019 05:19 PM
  7. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I keep losing the volume on my ringer and my lock sound is out of hand loud. I don’t think I’m accidentally hitting the volume down button. It’s driving me crazy. I also have to unlock the phone in order to adjust the volume which seems odd to me. I turned keyboard clicks off since they were also too loud. These are all with the new phone so hardware or iOS 13 I wouldn’t know.
    I've been noticing having trouble hearing who I'm talking to. Seems to start out loud enough, but after about a minute the volume goes way down. I've checked everything there is to check. I may try Reset All Settings. If that doesn't work, I'll just tough it out a while. I do not want to restore as new. Too much trouble. Most calls are at home where I have computer speakers plugged in the headphone jack. Works fine that way.
    10-02-2019 07:23 PM
  8. joemd60's Avatar
    The only bug I am seeing so far, it’s on my Apple TV. I have the remote set to power the tv off and on.
    It only powers the tv off, I have to use the tv remote to turn the tv on.
    It’s not a big deal to me, so I can live with it until the next update to see if it fixes the problem.
    I will say though, the Apple TV is behaving a little better now.
    Before the update, I would use the Apple TV remote to shut everything down.
    Yet for some reason, the tv would keep switching back on. It would do it several times where I would have to manually shut the set down.
    Last edited by joemd60; 10-04-2019 at 05:14 AM.
    10-03-2019 08:37 PM
  9. lightning8888's Avatar
    Since iOS 13 and the New iPhone 11 Pro Max - I have noticed alert tones fluctuate in volume as well as keyboard click sounds.

    Anyone else having this issue. ?????
    Well now that you mentioned it I may have a real issue too. I noticed a few days ago my alarm volumes just blasting at full volume and other times really low. Not sure if it’s user error or a real bug. I’m new to the 11 coming from a 7Plus so several things are different for me and still figuring out the device different multi functions with the buttons.
    10-04-2019 07:54 PM
  10. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have bugs with my BT enable hearing aids with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. More so with iPadOS 13 where it constantly reboots my connection and finally I had to take them out and not use them with my iPad, that was a pain.
    10-05-2019 03:44 PM
  11. Wotchered's Avatar
    Keyboard clicks were over loud in 13:1:1 have been normal in13:1:2
    10-07-2019 07:30 AM
  12. bmorefan82's Avatar
    So, no one else has noticed keyboard or lock screen “click” sounds being quiet then louder and such?
    I have had this issue as well! iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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    10-09-2019 03:03 PM
  13. blaine07's Avatar
    Anyone else has phone drop a call they’re on the second they receive a new email in stock Mail app? All week been having a heck of a time with “call failed” and today finally noticed if I’m on a call when I get a email in Mail is the second call drops. Turned off notifications for Mail app and now everything is fine. Something about notifications for Mail borked? Using Email by Edison now but eventually would really like to have stock Mail app back
    10-09-2019 04:58 PM
  14. SprSynJn's Avatar
    I haven’t had much luck cancelling out of contact edits when it’s done through apps like messages. This also applied to other apps that pop up when another app was originally being used.
    10-09-2019 09:44 PM
  15. SprSynJn's Avatar
    So, no one else has noticed keyboard or lock screen “click” sounds being quiet then louder and such?
    I noticed that the sound would get louder if I turned the volume down, while it would get softer when the volume would be turned up. Odd bug.
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    10-09-2019 09:45 PM
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