1. bergman's Avatar
    I like iOS11 overall, but 2 keyboard UI features are irritating.
    The key flick feature is a cool idea, but it is resulting in typos, (might show up in this post) where I get a number instead of a letter when typing quickly. Seems like a “flick up” option might be a good fix. Also, I hate the “undo” key that displays in numeric mode. It’s far too easy to hit it in place of the space bar.
    Has anyone found work around or a great alternate keyboard?
    09-21-2017 11:03 AM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Has anyone found work around or a great alternate keyboard?
    Turn off the key flick option? I'm not sure you can get rid of the Undo key though (I hadn't even noticed it until you mentioned it.)

    I love flick keys myself, and I think I've had maybe one typo from a mistaken flick over the last three weeks (since I first installed the beta.)
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    09-21-2017 11:36 AM
  3. bergman's Avatar
    I like the concept of the flick keys too. Maybe just a matter of time or keying technique.
    09-21-2017 11:40 AM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    I'm hoping that Apple will allow people to flick down as an option. I also wonder of Google will add the feature to GBord, or Swiftkey to their keyboard?
    09-21-2017 11:50 AM
  5. TripleOne's Avatar
    You can always get a physical keyboard like the Smart Keyboard by Apple.
    09-21-2017 07:03 PM

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