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    I have an iP5S. 32 GB. running 9.3 iOS. I tried to upgrade to iOS 10 today but iTunes said I didn't have the storage space. I looked on my phone it says Capacity 26.5 -Available 342MB!! I was shocked. I plugged the phone into my PC & launched iTunes. It says I have 2.3 GB free. So I'm not sure why my phone & iTunes say 2 different things. But the bigger issue (literally :-) is "Documents & Data" is almost 9GB!! I don't even know what is considered "Documents & Data". According to iTunes I have:
    Audio= 2.94GB, Video= 36mb, Photo= 5.90GB, Apps 4.72GB, Docs & Data= 8.50GB, Others=1.87GB, Free=2.60.
    I googled to see if I could figure out the problem. I kept finding posts stating it could be the apps I have that store data as they are used & its the data stored from my apps that is creating the huge Doc & Data storage rate. But if that's the case what is the "Apps= 4.72GB" amount mean if not the size of the app files & their data? I spent a couple hours going thru all my pictures to clear out ones I don't need. I did the same for videos. I do not use the email app on my phone so no emails are stored on the device. The only thing I can think of that is causing this huge data hog are my txt messages. Some have pictures & video attached to them. My txts probably go back years but do you think txts even with pics & some video could stack up to almost 9 GB?! If so how do I trim that number down without having to do thru every txt one by one & deleting them? Thanks!
    09-19-2016 04:03 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Try doing an iTunes backup. That may clear things up for you.
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    09-19-2016 04:18 PM
  3. BradXY's Avatar
    I am having the same issues
    09-20-2016 10:04 AM
  4. scruffypig's Avatar
    Try doing an iTunes backup. That may clear things up for you.
    This worked for me.
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    09-20-2016 02:12 PM

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