1. tannebil's Avatar
    Is there any way to reset Faces or Photos on iOS?

    I was cruising along with the beta on a few iOS and macOS devices including an iPad Pro. Faces reset after the last beta so I was rebuilding my Faces album. I'd finished doing a bunch of merges and decided to make some of the Faces into Favorites. However, my muscle memory and an apparently non-working brain, led me to merge the five largest Faces. Yikes! No undo option. Double yikes! No shake to undo. Triple yikes!

    OK time to regroup. Unmerging the Face manually seems hopeless (> 1500 photos) so I tried tried turning off iCloud Photo Library, deleting everything thing and turning it back on. Fail. The Faces all came back exactly the same (implying the Faces links doesn't get deleted when iCloud Photo Library is turned off or the photos get deleted locally).

    One unexpected thing is that when I turned off iCPL, it only deleted about 10K of the 11K photos so I deleted the remaining photos manually. But when I turned iCPL back on, all the manual deletes got sent to iCloud. Fortunately, they were easy to recover from Recently Deleted on a Mac.

    The only two options that come to mind at this point are to either reset/rebuild the iPad from scratch or rollback iOS 9 and restore the backup I made before installing the beta.

    Any other ideas?
    08-12-2016 11:32 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Seems to be working as it should. I don't use iCloud Photo Library. All my photos go in Box and Dropbox. Maybe someone else has other ideas.
    08-13-2016 01:29 AM

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