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    The iPhone 5 and 5C use the Apple A6 processor chip.
    I understand that. The A6 is also a 32-bit chip. I'm saying, when they won't drop support for the A5 until they drop support for 32-bit (both A5 and A6). And I don't think they are going to do that for another year or 2.
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    06-13-2016 04:55 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Glad to see the 5/5C still supported, although I wonder how it will impact speed on the older devices.
    My old 5 is on iOS 9.3.2. It does better than I expected. I don't expect much difference with 10. I have deleted a lot on it. I only use it for utility reasons. It definitely doesn't have the zip of my 6s Plus, but holds up rather well.
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    06-13-2016 05:31 PM
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