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    Meet the Ambassadors of iMore

    Everyday iMore.com and forums.iMore.com are viewed by thousands of guests and members. People come here looking for help, research and often just general discussion for their Apple devices. We have assembled a group known as the iMore Ambassadors which, aside from being like you and me, are dedicated & knowledgeable volunteers that give back to this great community each day by helping you. We hold our Ambassadors with the highest regard for their participation in helping us achieve the overall goal of making your forum experience the best it can be.

    In the following posts you will find a small intro/bio written by the Ambassadors so you can get to know a little more about them.

    D. Williams (Just_Me_D)
    Ambassador Team Leader, iMore.com

    Tasks/Goals of Our Ambassadors

    • Making new members to iMore feel welcome
    • Responding to Unanswered threads and providing helpful solutions to member questions
    • Writing helpful guides and tutorials
    • Ongoing support & participation in various devices and areas within the forums
    • Respect for the community and its members

    How are Ambassadors selected?

    • Picked by the Ambassador Team Leader & the Community Manager
    • Recommended by iMore Moderators
    • Sometimes we even explore members who ask or offer to join the program

    iMore.com Ambassador Staff 04/21/2015

    • Just_Me_D - Team Leader
    • bamf-hacker
    • Pr1nce
    • phreddyl
    • kataran
    • NikkiSharif
    • Ledsteplin
    • Robertk328
    • Mumfoau
    • Tartarus
    • DarlaMack
    • TwitchyPuppy
    • reeneebob
    • Quis89
    • Brooke5795
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    Who is Just_Me_D? I am a retiree from Orlando, Florida who is currently residing in North Carolina. I'm a tech enthusiast who enjoy learning from, as well as, helping people whenever I can. I'm very outspoken, but I try to do it in a polite and respectful manner, but sometimes I fail, but hey, doesn't that make me human? Anyway, I'm an avid reader, especially tech blogs, political news and articles, Vince Flynn books or similar and the Bible. I joined the iMore community in 2011 and have enjoyed interacting with its members ever since. I enjoy the atmosphere here as well as the common interest we share of Apple products. Not long ago, I was Blessed to be asked to join the team of moderators and then asked to lead the iMore Ambassador team. Before that, I was a member and frequent contributor of various tech forums spanning several platforms. I'm a former Walt Disney World employee, an inactive Marine, a retired City government employee and I enjoy being Just Me, D.
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    Hello iMore,

    I am a 40 year old Mobility manager that has a crazy love for technology and mobile devices. As well I moderate on a few paintball forums. Paintball is my other love, and I try and play paintball as much as I can, but a family and full time+ job make that something that happens rarely these days.

    I have been working on mobile devices for as long as I can remember. As a BES Admin going back as far as the RIM 857 and 957 and now managing the mobile deployment and backend infrastructure for all mobile devices. My device of choice is obviously Apple and there is one on me pretty much all the time. With my profession, I do however have devices from most of the offered OS's. For testing etc, but my daily driver is always my trusted iPhone.

    If you have followed me on the forums you also know I have taken a turn to being healthy and lost over 60lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I workout all the time and any chance I get for a walk I take it.
    06-21-2013 01:53 PM
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    Hi everyone- My name is Alison aka Phreddyl- I am a Youth Director at a Jewish Community Center in Woodbridge CT. I live in Branford CT with my husband and our two dogs. I have been somewhat obsessed with technology for the last 20 years. My first smartphone was a blackberry pearl- As soon as Verizon carried the iPhone i jumped on board and haven't looked back. My 40th birthday gift to myself was my first Mac-
    I am a huge Yankee Fan and Rangers Fan- Love Fantasy baseball and going to the gym-
    I am excited to be part of the iMore team and look forward to helping out where I can
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    10-29-2013 05:23 PM
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    Hi I'm pr1nce. I live in Northern Illinois. I've worked in the radio broadcasting industry for 32 years. In my spare time I enjoy watching college football and basketball. However, my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals! I also enjoy learning and helping others with mobile technology. I was a longtime BlackBerry user. After several years of multiple BB devices, I purchased my first iPhone in 2012, an iPhone 4S. It was so dependable and easy to use I was hooked and I haven't looked back. I wanted to learn all I could about my 4S, so I became a member of the iMore community. I enjoy being on the forums and helping others when I can. I've learned a lot and met some great people here who have become friends. I was asked to join the iMore Ambassador team. It's an honor to be a part of iMore and Mobile Nations. I'm on the forums everyday. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to send me a PM. See ya on the forums!
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    Hello iMore my Name is Carlos better know on the internet as kataran which is a screen name I've been using on the internet and what use to be called on-line Communities like AOL and Prodigy
    since back in the early days of wired dial-up. It use to be "Quote" dangerous to use the internet unsupervised at least thats the warning you got when trying to access the internet from Prodigy.

    I came by the name kataran as a chant one night writing a song for my high school era Rock band and it kind of stuck with me have it tattooed on my right arm so i guess its here to stay.

    I got into Computers back in voc school with the heathcliff H89 i believe thats what it was called and been a tech geek back when it wasn't so cool and then when the beepers came out i found them to be the start of the future of communications so i bought one and then cellphones to my current iphone 5.

    Don't know why i waited so long to go Apple maybe a bad experience with an old Apple 2 i once tried but now i'm in for the long haul there will be no other platform except webOS which i still enjoy privately these days.

    My experience with HTML is OK as i use to create webpages for me and some friends but most of my knowledge comes from being a good listener and i read alot and never give bad information as its easy to be a parrot and just pass on what you heard without at least going to two or three sources and then make an educated decision and even then if an honest debate comes i always consider that too


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    11-14-2013 08:37 PM
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    Hello iMore!!! My name is Nikki and I'm known in the forums as nikkisharif (first and middle name). I'm a 35yr old mother of 3 (18, 16 & 13) who grew up in LA, currently living near Cleveland, OH and I travel all the time for work (I'm stationed in New Mexico right now). I'm an RN by trade but I've always loved technology. About 3 years ago, I discovered how I can mix healthcare and IT and got into Healthcare Informatics. I travel around the country, sometimes outside, assisting medical facilities in building their electronic medical records (specifically a system called Epic), analyzing workflows, and training nurses and providers how to use the system. Love doesn't begin to describe how I feel about my career.

    My Mobile Nations journey started with Crackberry, moved to Android Central, then I found my way to TiPb. I've always been a fan of Macs but never iPhones, until I was kind of forced to own one in the summer of 2012. Since then I've owned the 4S, 5 and now the 5S and I haven't looked back. Even though I love the security of Blackberry and the customization of Android, the iPhone is my love because it just works. No battery pulls necessary and no fiddling with my phone for hours to get it to work how I feel it should, it comes near perfect out the box.

    I never realized anyone really payed attention to my posts until I got the invite to be an Ambassador a couple of days ago. I'm extremely honored to join the team and I look forward to contributing to such a great community
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    11-16-2013 11:39 AM
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    Hello all! I'm honored to be here amongst such nice people.
    My name is Keith. I'm 61 years old. I'm from Florence, Alabama, am married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. iMore was my first forum ever. I had an issue with my iPhone 4 that neither Verizon nor Apple support could figure out. So I set out to find helpful information about iPhones, and discovered iMore. I have since moved up to the iPhone 5. It's been a great phone with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I hope I can contribute and be as helpful as you all have been. I am currently computerless. My laptop (a Dell running XP) went nuts, then Microsoft did their thing with XP. I'm shopping. I'm retired and spend most of my time at home. My wife is on oxygen 24/7 and I care for her and our cat. Thanks for the welcome.

    Sent from from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5
    07-24-2014 04:56 PM
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    Hello everyone! My name is Darlene McNeill aka Darla Mack… (my sister gave me that nickname).

    I’m not new to the world of mobile tech. My addiction, as some would call it, began in 2003 with a Nokia device and blossomed into a career blogging independently for Nokia for over 6 years. I have to admit though when the very first iPhone came out I was completely against it, lol but as history proves, never say never.

    My first Apple product was a PowerMac G4 that I received from a Nokia employee in 2010, and from that moment I was hooked. The term “Easy On” has proven itself accurate and since I had one I felt the need to invest in another … iPhone 3g, and the rest is history.

    I’m also a mother of 3 beautiful young men, and that is why I stopped blogging and focused more on the motherhood aspect. But I ended up raising 3 tech nerds so there is always a constant fight for geekdom superiority going on in my home, lol.

    I’ve lurked on iMore for a few years to gain knowledge from the Apple iDevice community, and now I’m excited to be able to contribute and give back.
    02-10-2015 11:16 AM
  10. robertk328's Avatar

    My name is Robert (if you couldnt tell from my screen name) and Im a new Ambassador here at iMore. Ive been here since the TiPB days and have always been a fan.

    Ive used Apple products since the G4 Cube, and have had iPhones since the first one. Im a technology geek and love most anything that plugs in or needs to be charged.

    Other interests are RC Planes/quadcopters, coffee, photography, and craft beer (I like it hoppy). I help coach my sons little league t-ball team, and enjoy watching my daughter play soccer. I'm a huge Green Bay Packers and Washington Nationals fan.

    Im honored to be a part of the iMore Ambassador team and look forward to talking about all things Apple!

    Im also on social media if you would like to connect that way:


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  11. Tartarus's Avatar
    Hello all.

    My name is Halil, I was formerly known as yukhalilsel on iMore but changed that to Tartarus almost a year ago.

    I'm 35, single and living in the Netherlands

    I'm a self taught computer and iPhone 'expert'.

    I've made it my hobby to read as many forums and threads about computers, PDA's (back in the day) and everything iOS related and it's safe to assume I know quite a lot about it. I also love everything network related and install my own computer hardware and modems and routers myself.

    I used to work at a small Dutch equivalent of Best Buy for 4 years up until the day it went bankrupt almost 3 years ago on the day I was supposed to go on vacation .

    I am a Turkish guy, born in the Netherlands and travel twice a year to Istanbul by car. That's a 30 hours drive of almost 1800 miles.

    I'm fluent in Dutch and Turkish, my English is quite good and I dabble with the German language as well.

    When I'm out hiking or traveling I love to take pictures of my surroundings which you can see on my Instagram profile at instagram.com/theborderlesstraveler.

    I'm on twitter as well: twitter.com/halilsworld.

    It's an honor to be an ambassador at such a great forum as iMore and I hope to help as much people as I'm able to.

    06-24-2016 03:38 PM
  12. mumfoau's Avatar
    Hi guys and gals! The name's Audwin but I go by mumfoau around here. As you can see, I'm one of the newest members of the Ambassador team. Glad to be hear!

    What can I say about me? I'm 37 and happily married unless I get a better offer! (Yes, I'd make that same joke in front of my wife Ha) I'm a pretty laid back guy. By day I'm an Electrical Designer for an aerospace company and by night, I THINK I'm a GREAT husband and I AM the proud father of a new baby boy. (Smile)

    I've been around smartphone tech since getting my first one in the Motorola Q while a Verizon employee in 2007. Been into some form of tech, in general, for a good portion of my life. I've used every iPhone since the 4 but have been known to play both sides of the fence. Back in January, I moved back to iOS and have made iOS and iPhones my home for the foreseeable future. I love the simplicity, reliability and OEM support that Apple provides!

    I guess I've been moderately helpful and professional around the forums as JMD thought it not robbery to offer me an opportunity to become an Ambassador and I obviously accepted, which is why I'm writing this post to introduce myself! (Laugh) I'm excited to be here at iMore, a part of the Mobile Nations family and to serve the community in any way possible!

    If interested, you could also look me up at instagram.com/therealamumford.

    See you around the forums!!

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    06-25-2016 07:18 AM
  13. reeneebob's Avatar
    Hi all! I’ve been a member of Mobile Nations since 2008 when I first got bit by the smartphone bug with a Blackberry Pearl…I have a bit of a phone problem in that I’ve owned easily 25 phones in the last 3 years lol. I managed a carrier dealer store for 5 years and prior to that I worked in telecom phone centres for US companies like Verizon, Sprint, Qwest and Brighthouse. Since escaping the retail grind I am now working for a medical supply and publishing house as marketing, web design, editing and formatting. I have a slight obsession with Star Trek, Supernatural, Buffy, Angel and pretty much anything on AMC or HBO…and yes I’m also a Duranie (a Duran Duran fanatic) since I was 9 years old - in fact I saw them twice in concert this year alone. I’m married to my high school sweetheart for 6 years next month (we’ve been together 22 years), no kids but we’re gonna be the cool Aunt and Uncle. Tech wise I’m currently all in for Apple - a MacBook Pro 2015, Apple Watch 1st Gen Rose Gold, iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black (if it ever gets here), Rose Gold 6S Plus, iPad Air 2 Cellular, iPod Touch 5th Gen. My other phones I still own are Palm Pre and Pixi Plus ( I recently sold my backup Android (an LG V10). I look forward to seeing everyone around the forums!
    09-27-2016 06:23 PM
  14. Quis89's Avatar
    My name is Marquis Jones. Been a mobile nations member since 2008. Device history varies from Blackberry to Android to iOS. The iPhone has been my weapon of choice since the 5s. Currently rocking the 7 Plus in Matte Black.

    Resident of Des Moines, Iowa (but I've never stepped foot on a corn field). Beyond tech stuff my interests are sports (NBA specifically. GO PISTONS!!), music and politics.

    My background is wireless and mobile. Worked for Sprint for 8 years so I got my hands dirty daily with the latest gadgets. More recently I do iOS and Mac OS device management, technology support and training for an education agency so I'm still enjoying the latest that Apple has to offer in many areas.

    Used to be infatuated with tinkering with my devices. Jail breaking iPhones. Rooting Android phones. All that fun stuff. Now...I just enjoy using my phone as it is.

    I've got a wife and two cool kids and so that's where my spare time goes although I've recently taking a liking in photography both mobile and professional.

    I enjoy helping others most importantly. If there's anything I can do or help you don't hesitate to ask!!

    09-27-2016 06:59 PM
  15. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    Hi there! My name's Kathleen (or Dolores, depending if you use my first or middle name). I've been an iMore user since 2015. I'm a 30 year old tech enthusiast Canuck, lover of football, road trips, tech (duh!), doggies and shopping
    I enjoy jogging everyday and tv shows like Blindspot, Charmed, Drop Dead Diva, Lie To Me and 2 Broke Girls.

    I'm a former federal parole officer, I now own and run a mobile phone shop since I've always wanted to be my own boss (oh and I love tech, in case you hadn't noticed the two other times ). I despise coriander and salt.

    My introduction to smartphones was with an HTC Panache (straight from a flip phone haha!), then I noticed the white 4S and thought it looked nice, so I wanted to give it a try. Then, never looked back. And here I am!
    I tried the S4, S6, HTC One M8 and M9 but more to satisfy my curiosity, never as daily drivers.
    However, I do rock a Note 4 for my business, though! The pen and screen size are REALLY useful

    So that's pretty much it! I want to apologize for switching from topic to topic, I'm ADHD so I have a VERY short attention span =P

    See you on iMore!!
    09-27-2016 08:43 PM
  16. Brooke5795's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    I'm Brooke! Born and raised in Southern California (San Diego to be exact) and I just love tech stuff! Most people know me on iMore as the accessory queen lol i love my iPhone and all the stuff that goes with it.

    I'm 36 and work for AT&T as a rep. I love my job too! All my coworkers make a point to get me involved if customers have apple related questions. I started with a blackberry years ago which started my fascination with mobile smart devices.

    I have a beautiful son that I'm raising with the help of my wonderful family. It really does take a village! My son is 6 and in first grade. He will be your next gen ambassador. Got him started early on the iPad (which he's filled up with games).

    I am always on the go but will respond to questions and comments directed my way. I love to help and the community here on the mobile forums is top notch. I'm proud to be a part of it all.

    See y'all on the boards! Happy holidays everyone!
    12-19-2016 04:52 PM

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