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    I just starting listening to podcast and love both the iMore Podcast and the new Apple Talk.. Can you recommend and other Apple related podcast?? Guess that was a question.....
    I an older 2010 Mac Mini.. updated to 128GB SSD drive and 8GB ram, it still serves me
    well... not really a power user though.. Just wondering I have heard nothing in the pike for an update Mini.. The new current is 2 years old, I want to upgrade....but not to a 2 year old Mini and the newest one pops up?!!!?!?!?
    Last comment, I am all on favor of and iPhone without the audio of even the lighting cable.. I'd rather have the iPhone have nothing to connect to it.. Wireless audio and wireless charging would be great.. Hate having a cable running from my ears to the phone. I mean how cool would it be to wireless charge my phone from anywhere in the house.. or in my car for that matter..
    Love all the cast members and Serenity Caldwell is my sense

    05-31-2016 11:38 AM

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