1. trw1602's Avatar
    I have a lot of Apple kit for someone who hated Apple and called iPhone users iSheep and iPhones iToys circa 2010-2012. I am shamed lol.

    Android was my gateway into smartphones in 2010. Fast-forward 11 years and I'm an Apple user and a big one lol.

    Apple gets my money every month with Apple One Premier. I don't think I can leave the ecosystem at all or thousands of dollars will go down the drain. That's the downside.

    How about you? What's your Apple origin story?
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    01-09-2021 01:30 AM
  2. Ed7789's Avatar
    Oh wow… That's impressive!

    I don't have such an extensive history.

    But it all started in early 2009 when I purchased my old 2nd generation iPod touch. Then came my early 2010 MacBook Pro, which I bought because I wanted to try something the rest, and the rest was history. Since then, I have owned or used:
    • iPhone 4
    • The new iPad (3rd generation iPad)
    • Apple TV (3rd generation)
    • iPhone 5
    • Work-issued 2012 MacBook Air
    • Apple TV HD (4th generation)
    • Work-issued 2015 MacBook Pro
    • Work-issued iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6s
    • 2016 MacBook Pro, with Touch Bar
    • Apple Watch 0
    • iPhone 11 Pro
    • Apple Watch 5
    • iPad Air (3rd generation)
    • Apple Pencil

    I'm convinced I'm forgetting something. I don't own all of them anymore, many having been e-cycled.
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    01-09-2021 06:46 AM
  3. bakron1's Avatar
    Lol, I was introduced to Apple way back when the model 2 was being used. My good friend Sam who has since passed had a business and the resources to buy Apple equipment which most of the older folks like me know was very expensive back then.

    In 2008 , our engineering company was using PC’s and our networking guy told us about the Intel based iMacs and we bought two of them to put into our office environment.

    After two months, we sold most of our PC’s and converted to Mac and the rest is history. We have since closed our company down, but my old business partner and myself are still using iMacs in our home businesses.

    Since those early days I have owned many Apple products. I have semi retired and have sold off most of my Mac laptops and other equipment and I am now down to the following:

    2- 27” iMac’s (I9 8Core)
    iPhone 12 Pro
    iPhone SE2
    iPad Pro
    Apple TV

    PS: I will always have a devoted loyalty to the Blackberry brand because it was the first smartphone I owned and I traveled the world with it and it never let me down.
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    01-09-2021 08:06 AM
  4. Annie_M's Avatar
    I never ever though I would ever have an Apple iPhone, even though my husband had given me an Apple Shuffle for Christmas a couple of years before. Then one day, out of the absolute blue, he told me he thought I needed an iPhone. He was using a Crackberry at the time, but a coworker and good friend of his had recently been issued an iPhone 4, so that he could support the University President.dent who had also just gotten an iPhone 4.

    And so it began. Within days I had an iPhone 4, and it soon became apparent that it would not be the last! Here’s my list:

    Apple Shuffle
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 5s - silver
    iPad 2
    iPhone 6s - silver
    iPhone 8+ - gold
    iPad Air 2 - silver
    Apple Watch Series 3 - gold
    Air Pods Pro Series 3
    iPhone 12 Pro- pacific blue

    My husband has since converted to the iPhone as well, which is issued by work. His brief list:

    iPhone 6
    iPad 2
    iPhone 8
    iPad Air 2
    01-10-2021 09:52 AM

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