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    Today, I will be doing a review about the famous mobile game Game of Dice.

    As we all know, Game of Dice, published by Joycity, was one of the mobile games that Apple considered as best game upon release last October 2015. Ever since they released the game, they had several updates and their recent update is called the Mysterious Mansion.

    This update includes a new character, a new map and new feature which is Goods.
    The new character’s name is Kwang Soo also known as the Asian Prince. He made different kinds of films from movies to variety shows. He is very famous today for his variety show “Running Man” and for the several movies as he was nominated for Best Actor.

    It is very unusual that a Korean star will be featured in a mobile game since we all know that other publishers prefer to create their own characters for the game. This is a one nice shot from Joycity.
    I am a gamer myself and it’s really rare that I encounter mobile games featuring celebrities by big publishers. I am amazed.
    They did a good job with the Kwang Soo character as they got the characteristics and humor of the Korean actor himself. The character is very funny! The graphics and design we’re great too!
    I would give it two thumbs up 

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13001066_10156767525580484_4921329133973156200_n.jpg

    Moving on, they also added a new feature called the Goods. The Goods are like different type of equipment where you can equip the specific item and add an additional stats or additional skill to your character or dice. This feature helped a lot of gamers to increase an amount of their stats especially to the gamers who are non-spenders. It is quite pricey to upgrade the Goods, though. But I think it is all worth it. Here are some samples of the Goods that I own and have equipped.

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13102883_10206472985811186_4817947980510867687_n.jpg

    Below is a sample screenshot of the new map Mysterious Mansion. What differentiates this map from other maps is that they jumbled the fortune road and the mystery road and added Crimson Aura at the middle part to add excitement to the game. The jail was also upgraded from a normal jail look to some laboratory equipment.

    Lunar shift increases the toll fee of your enemies so do make sure not to step on this block!

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13010614_10206472985491178_6099211653284314734_n.jpg

    Overall, I enjoyed the new update. I just wish they could implement a larger map in the future. Overall, great job to the developers of this game. I am excited for their next update! Who do you think will the next celebrity feature?

    *These are my personal opinions.
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    Top 3 Goods

    As we all know, Game of Dice recently released their new update called Mystery Mansion. One of the main features added in this update is the Goods Menu. While browsing and learning about the different types of Goods, I’ve learned that there are only a few of them as of the moment and I presume that they will add more in the upcoming updates. As of now they have a total of 22 Goods. And out of these 22, I came up with my top 3 favorites! So here are my top 3 faves:

    Bomb Necklace

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13010687_10206486162620598_4289705915843535568_n.jpg

    > The Bomb Necklace would be my last pick since it only gives 30% chance upon enhancing it to Level 10. But I still find this Good very handy because it can drop any of your opponent’s cities to level 1 from level 4. Just hope that you do not step on a level 4 city with a high toll, though or you’re doomed!

    Shoes of Hermes

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13062392_10206486161980582_7029713385203673303_n.jpg

    > The Shoes of Hermes would be my 2nd pick because giving me a chance to roll a double means giving me the chance to own more cities!

    And my Top pick is........... *drum roll*

    Cheering Doll

    Game of Dice: Mysterious Mansion review-13102739_10206486161540571_1329383249695835096_n.jpg

    > My top pick would be this Good called Cheering Doll! I chose this one because getting an extra 110% of start money is a huge thing for me since getting higher start money would make it harder to defeat you and you can take over as much cities as you can. Although there’s only 40% chance for this to take effect, this Good has the highest chance compared to the other 5* Goods. If you can enhance this Good up to Level 10, then it will give you 65% chance. Not bad!

    *These are my personal favorites. If you are playing Game of Dice and you have your own personal favorites, do not hesitate to share it on this post.
    04-27-2016 01:51 AM
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    Good luck with your game app. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    04-27-2016 06:49 PM

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