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    I'm considering replacing my Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Wristband as the battery life isn't what it was when I got it last year & I'm stuck in making my mind up between the Fitbit Charge HR, Jawbone Up 3 and Microsoft Band.

    The battery life of the Charge HR is kind of drawing me towards that along with the ability to track flights climbed but it's kind of bulky and ugly looking, the features and look of the Microsoft Band are a draw for that but the lack of Altimeter and 48 hour battery life are kind of putting me off. The Jawbone Up 3 looks ok but the clip on the strap doesn't look like it could hold up very well.

    This is really drawing me towards the Microsoft Band. Are there any iPhone users on here with the Microsoft Band with any real world stats for the Microsoft Band Battery?

    07-23-2015 05:18 AM

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