1. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Are you a true hard core Apple fanatic and does all the tech in your home consist of Apple or the majority. If so what do you own?
    04-25-2014 09:19 AM
  2. acerace113's Avatar
    I would say almost;
    2 iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, 5th gen iPod touch, 3rd gen iPod touch, 3rd gen Apple TV (2013), acer aspire 5200 desktop w/hardware changes for gaming, LG C800G android phone, windows XP netbook.
    AirPort Extreme AC

    Sent from my iPhone 5S or Jailbroken 5th gen iPod Touch using Tapatalk
    04-25-2014 09:40 AM
  3. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    We're not all Apple, but we do own a fair amount of their products.

    Me: 5th gen iPod touch, iPad mini retina, MacBook Air 2013, Thunderbolt Display, 3rd gen Apple TV
    Wife: iPhone 5S, iPad mini, MacBook Air 2013
    Kids: 4th gen iPod touch, 1st and 3rd gen iPad
    04-25-2014 10:01 PM
  4. i7guy's Avatar
    4 iPhones, 2 iPads, Apple TV. 6 windows computers.

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    04-25-2014 11:43 PM
  5. Sashreek73's Avatar
    We have,
    iPhone 5
    iPad 4
    iPod Touch 5
    13" Macbook Pro Late-2011
    Sony Xperia Z
    Sony Xperia M
    Galaxy Note 800
    HP Envy TouchSmart
    05-09-2014 10:13 AM

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