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    Hey everyone. I am getting into the IT field. I am doing everything that I can think of to start off. I am doing online classes for my Associate's in Information Technology. I have taken and passed my A+ certs and I am starting to pick up some programming. I would like to know who does any kind of programming and would like to connect? I would like people that can give feedback, advice, and possible solutions to material. I am working primarily on C++ right now with Java on the back burner. I started a little of this is high school but I never followed through with it but here I am starting it back up again. If you would like to connect, please PM me, iMessage, or BBM chat. This would be extremely helpful for me. Thank you.

    iMessage - Travis.Weed@iCloud.com
    BBM Chat - 7B6EB64A

    Thanks again!
    11-04-2013 07:09 PM

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