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    Well using Mac stuff since I landed here has been making me nostalgic for 90s era Mac as I used all that in school. I'm a retro gaming/computer fan (among other things, I still play with an Atari 800XL from time to time). Wondering if anyone on iMore is into legacy Mac for gaming or other reasons?

    I've been thinking it'd be fun to mess around in OS 9 again but maybe it'd be better to find a PowerPC with Tiger so I'd have some modern amenities.

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    10-31-2013 04:00 AM
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    At my school here we still have an old computer with Macintosh 8.6 running on it, me and my friends had picked up some other old PCs that had them and are trying to get them running on some stronger PCs, we just like to mess around with them, and if that doesn't work just emulate them, as for gaming on them not so much as we just like to take 'em apart and see what makes them tick.
    10-31-2013 09:58 PM

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