1. powerbyte's Avatar
    Totally tongue in cheek here, but this was my entry into the comment contest for the new iPad...I am going to hunt down the randomnator!!!!!

    There once was a site named Tip-B
    It filled Apple users with Glee!
    Renamed it iMore,
    filled with goodness galore,
    Apple news for all...and its FREE!

    So what is my plight, you may ask?
    It comes down to one simple task,
    Give this website it's props,
    Pull out all of the stops,
    And in free iPad glory I'll bask!

    Come to iMore for all of your news.
    It'll take away your "Jellybean" blues...
    For Imore's the greatest,
    Their news, it's the latest!
    An Apple lover's dream that came true!


    10-30-2013 06:17 PM

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