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    Hi, I'm starting iPhone development, My colleague offered me all his books, tutorials, and a whole bunch of stuff, However all are in ios5 and a few on ios6 (like the stanford winter 2013 podcast).

    1. I'm planning to get new mac and iPhone. Now i have problem in choosing the right devices. Can i get iPhone 5 (comes with ios6) and downgrade it to ios5 to support my learning and development ?

    2. will i be able to publish apps on ios5 to app store ? can people use such apps in their new device running in new architecture and ios7.

    3. Will i be able to use the iphone 5S to test and develop ios5 apps(to aid my learning and use the materials) using xcode 4.

    4. Is it okay to start from ios5 for the only reason that i have tutorials and book, I do later on have to make transition to the new ios7 anyway. If starting from ios7 is the right thing to do, I'm ready to invest on the new books and turorials on ios7.

    10-20-2013 05:20 AM

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