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    The world of gaming has changed, and for the better Iíd argue. At least in some cases. Having been out of the console gaming world for about six to seven years I can see these changes with more or less fresh eyes. The last gaming system I owned myself and I the sole owner was a GameCube that I purchased in 2008. I had two games for it, Metroid Prime and Resident Evil. And even those were great games, I was just not afforded the luxury of being able to play them for any span of time that either game required. Thatís when I knew the gaming world had changed. Gone were the days of games that could be beaten in a few hours, now youíd be lucky to dent the stories in a few hours.

    The other games I was last able to spend time playing were Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix. While the story was lax in GTA:VC the gameplay was good enough that it didnít matter. One of the best parts of the game was the open map world. No boundaries of where you could and couldnít go (with the exception of having to unlock areas, though they could be accessed you would be hunted by the military and killed). Midnight Club was a great racing game as well, with the ability to earn money and upgrade your cars, have a multitude of them in your garage at various stages of upgrades, and all could have custom paint jobs. It made the game more engaging.

    Though now I have recently purchased a Playstation 3, and along with it two games; Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Dishonored. I have yet to crack open Dishonored. I have spent near six hours of playing Deus Ex in the last few days and Iíve hardly made it anywhere into the game. While it is mostly open map, there are only a limited amount of things you can interact with. But these games now allow multiple paths of completion based around how you complete tasks and the paths taken to do so. Deus Ex is no exception.

    The world are becoming larger, the stories more complete, the acting believable, and most importantly the gameplay is improving. No more static options, no more limitation. The skillset has evolved with the times as well. Used to be you could fire up a game and complete puzzles and you were done. Now youíve got to find the puzzles, complete it, and in some cases do so without being seen. There are more controls now, and more variables. This transforms into an experience that is increasingly replicating real life scenarios. The stories are written well enough, and the acting good enough, to pull you into the game, to make you feel as though you are a part of the world, and that it somehow affects your real life.

    This is where games have gone, itís not hard to see where they are going and I couldnít be more excited. With the expansion of graphic technology the games are becoming more and more realistic. With augmented reality becoming more prevalent and its technology expanding, soon we will be in the age of true virtual reality. Soon games will be just as real and difficult as real life, leaving you to make a seemingly very real decision between life and death, who to save and who to kill, and if you will even kill at all. Are we ready for that kind of gaming experience? Are we capable of handing it?
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    10-16-2013 06:55 PM
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    Some great insights! I think the area where gaming has evolved the most is with regards to being connected, and providing additional downloadable content & multiplayer capabilities. Lush immense worlds are now available with interaction with real people. Through the use of headsets you can even talk live, which is great for smack talk, and team strategy. Also the headset helps to enhance the illusion and immerse you in the game you are playing. Additionally, as I said, through the use of downloadable additional content, and leaderboards and other techniques these games really come to life. So for me the greatest evolution came when these consoles got connected!
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    10-18-2013 10:20 AM
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    There's something inherently missing from modern gaming though...while they all look beautiful, have incredible features and the depth of the story lines and characters is unmatched compared to the 80's or 90's, modern games are just too damn easy. I buy pretty much every major title that comes out, I'm a video game junky so I like to immerse myself in the worlds (like reading a book, or enjoying a movie at the cinema)...and as much eye candy as there is, as much mind blowing graphics and sound and story that is presented to us...you can usually beat any of these games with a free weekend and no distractions.

    Remember the NES? Remember putting Ikari Warriors or Ninja Gaiden in and getting stuck for like a week on a level and having to figure out a way to properly execute some ridiculous button sequence to jump off a wall and kick a dog and juggle a bomb and slice a tomato and shoot a clown? I remember those days...and they were GREAT! Now, the games almost play themselves, while you just press a button or sit in a room with no cover and kill 500 different people with a clip holding 125 rounds, lol. WTF is that?

    Make the games difficult...and also make them beautiful. You know who still does this? Valve. Portal/Portal 2 was one of the best games I've played in the last DECADE...seriously, a beautifully rendered game, with a story line and dialogue that was horrifying, hilarious and down right awesome at the same time...and in the end? It was pretty damn hard! A puzzle game, wrapped in a first person shooter, wrapped in a free road adventure game with a sprinkle of survival horror. It was a masterpiece.

    And I totally agree with the evolution coming with online play...this was something that me and my best friends would have KILLED for when we were kids. We wouldn't have left the house if we could play each other back then online and talk crap and what not. Actually, I'm kind of glad that it wasn't around back then because I don't think I would have amounted to anything if it had been, LOL!
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    10-18-2013 11:49 AM

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