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    How To Create A Killer Explainer Video For Your App/Product

    Due to the fact that the We Scored App is a very media rich application, we had the idea to develop a solid animated explainer video. This post breaks down how we were able to develop a great explainer video and walk through the process so that you can emulate the formula and create a great animated explainer video as well.

    1) Brainstorm & Conceptualize
    Think of a concept for your video, a very high level brainstorming session in terms of the following:

    What is the goal of the video?
    What do you want to showcase?
    How will you showcase your features/benefits?
    Who is your audience and how can they understand what you are offering in 120 seconds or less.

    2) The Script

    Now that you have give it some thought, start thinking about a script for your animation. This is the most crucial part of the process as everything will follow what you develop in your script. Take a look at some other companies who have explainer videos, a good one is from crazy egg you can watch it HERE. Study how they develop a strong script and use emotion to really drive home what they have to offer.

    Once you start watching a few of them you will realize that they all follow a similar and very simple structure.

    - What is the problem.

    - How is the solution offered going to benefit you.

    - Offer or call to action.

    Base your script on the following 3 sections and fill in the details based on your own vision of how you want the video to illustrate the best points. Once you have completed your script, read it out as if you were the voice over artist and note down any parts where you want emphasized or expressed in a certain way. It took us a few times to get this down, but its will help your video ten fold.

    3) Develop

    If you have an animator or someone who can develop the explainer video on your team, you are in a great position as you can work side by side with that individual an explain exactly what you need.

    In most cases you will need to find someone who can help you out. In our scenario we utilized Elance.com and found a great free lancer to help us out with the animation and voice over. The total cost was around $700 which was steal as most other people seem to get charged in the thousands. Once we were happy with the bid and the persons portfolio, we went ahead and provided the details.

    Be careful to exactly demonstrate how you want the animation to go, typically they will complete a draft story board based on the information you tell them before they begin animating.

    Ensure that you are fully satisfied with the storyboard and transitions before getting the animator to begin as it becomes increasingly difficult for them to make large changes once the animation process begins. Another key point is to match up your script with the storyboard so you can visualize when you want to say certain parts of your script and create a well transitioned animation.

    4) Voiceover

    As the animator is working on the video, typically they should also provide a list of sample audio voice over artists that they work with. If not you can go to websites like fiverr.com and get some really in-expensive pro voice overs.

    Provide them the script and ensure it can overlap with the animation video. There are all sorts of people who can provide voice overs, but ensure the sound is exactly what you had envisioned in the beginning.

    It might take a while to ensure you have the right sample, but you will know when the right one comes along. The best way to get the voice over is to work with your animator. In our scenario, we were able to get a deal where the animator provided the voice over as well. This makes it easier when you are trying to pair up the voice over and video together.

    5) Final Screening

    Once you have the voice over and animation ready you are pretty much complete. Take a final view and if there are any final changes to make you can work with your animator to ensure everything gets wrapped up perfectly.

    Now that you have your final video, its time to hit the pavement and start marketing!

    Check out The We Scored Video!

    06-08-2013 09:57 AM
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    This is definitely some useful advice. I will definitely keep this information in mind when I am making my next app and trying to create a YouTube video for it.
    06-19-2013 04:37 PM

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