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    First off, this is not a thread for fanboy bashing or anything like that. Seen that in the comments sections for pretty much everything tech related or gaming related lately and I would really like a more insightful thread. I am not a fanboy of anything except tech in general :-)

    So me and my girlfriend watched the Xbox event and were really impressed! We both like games but are not hard core gamers. (I like games like halo, final fantasy, and grand theft auto) I was pretty impressed by some of the graphics they showed off (not a big fan of call of duty but the graphics looked pretty nice!) however, it was the system functions that really impressed me.

    I don't know about most of you, but I hate current cable boxes... They are leggy generate a LOT of heat, have horrible UI's and are not very intuitive. It doesn't matter if you are tech savy or not, cable companies just do not use efficient or intuitive software. Watching tv on the.xbox wowed us! We both looked at each other afterwords and said we are getting one!! Then I read through some of the articles and became disappointed. The Xbox will require a dvr or cable box to use the tv features... Not only that, there's not even built in dvr functionality. Don't know about you but cable is almost pointless without dvr now. Days. Who has time to actually watch the shows they want when they are aired! I felt like this was a big blow to the excitement. Gaming console wise, the Xbox is on par with ps3 so I would have really liked to see the media features excel but I also can almost guarantee Microsoft will require live for all of these features.... I don't play online gaming so to me live would not be worth it. Just because Microsoft puts a pay wall behind all of its apps and services doesn't mean I will pay. I would need a compelling reason. Would I pay if it didn't require a cable box and had built in dvr? God yes, just that alone makes it worth it! A digital hd Dvr box ends up costing around 20 bucks more a month that's 120 a year.... Even if Xbox live charged 10 a month it would be well worth it, but they didn't go that route. I don't understand exactly why. Windows does it natively if there is a tv tuner built in and it works pretty well. With the concept of one device for the loving room, being required to own a cable box to use the cable features of the Xbox is disappointing. I will probably still get an Xbox. I have a ps3 I will use for media (not buying Xbox live) but really am hoping someone will innovate on the home media front.

    So Wyatt were your thoughts?
    05-23-2013 03:38 AM

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