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    It's here: http://m.umko.net/tlm

    UMKO is a project created and designed in several countries, and developed by a handful of experts in their field. It originated from the country of Slovenia, which has already given the world Talking Tom (OutFit7, Slovenia). Now, on mobile devices comes UMKO!

    ★★★ DESCRIPTION ★★★
    The Litter Monster is the first in the series of interactive UMKO books for children featuring UMKO the little alien. UMKO is positive character, always smiling willing to help, a great friend of children and their perfect role model. In an unobtrusive way, the story teaches children the importance of environmental responsibility. Throughout the story child will learn about relationships, justice, honesty, positive attitudes and responsibility for our beautiful planet. The Litter Monster, UMKO and his friends provide a successful solution to an ecological problem, that of littering, in an amusing and fun way.

    Author of the story is John Gatehouse an award-winning children's writer who has written over 300 TV shows, 90 books, a few radio plays and 1000s of comic strips. He took an UMKO-challenge which he saw as an opportunity to create a new, fresh global character.

    ★★★ CONTENT ★★★
    Arriving on Earth with UMKO's best pal and doggy friend Captain Skip, UMKO befriends two young children, Anna and Matt. They also meet the neighbourhood bully Simon, and loony Professor Storm, one of the only adults who can see UMKO. (Only friends of UMKO and those who believe in alien life forms can see him). The Professor is determined to capture UMKO and reveal him to the world, no matter what! Leave it to UMKO to fly rings around the Professor -- and Simon -- on his flying cosmic sneakers!

    Great for kids and old, high quality interactive book app that includes lovely story with over 50 wonderful animations and more than 100 different sound effects.

    ★★★ FEATURES ★★★

    ✓ Exciting and educational story
    ✓ Colorful illustrations, fun music, narration, sound effects and interactive playable features
    ✓ Over 50 impressive animations
    ✓ More than 100 different sound effects
    ✓ Reading options: "Read by Myself", "Read to Me" and "Auto play"
    ✓ Major interaction with the reader
    ✓ Works on all versions of iPad

    ★★★ FREE STUFF: m.umko.net/freestuff
    ★★★ Become our fun on Facebook: www.facebook.com/umko.net
    ★★★ Visit our site: Umko | Welcome to the Galaxy

    UMKO  The Llitter Monster iPAD app for children! TOPS!-umko-app-screenshots-email.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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