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    Hi all! I've recently decided to give iOS a try and after 2 months of living with my iPhone 4 with iOS6 and using it as my daily driver, there's a great list of pros and cons that I can give compared to other OSes. So here goes:

    The first thing I noticed is the quick notification shortcut on the lockscreen. This allows for quick access to all your notifications and the ability to view all at once. I think this is a great feature, and although on Android 4+ you can pull down the notification bar from the lockscreen, it really isn't as neat as on iOS. That's a plus for Apple. 👍
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    Then comes the notification centre. While its great that it can display all my notifications and "widgets", I find it surprisingly irritating that the notification doesn't clear itself after I enter the app (but not from the notification itself). I have to go through the trouble of clearing all the notifications that I have already seen when I opened the app. 👎
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    Also in the notification centre, there are the share widgets for Facebook and Twitter. While I find them great and useful, clicking them has (in multiple occasions) hung my iPhone. In fact, it's so buggy that I've stopped using them altogether. It's still a neat feature though. 👌

    Then there's the App Store. There's a wide variety of apps and I like the design of the App Store. But then again, I wished that it had the auto-updating of apps option just like in Google Play. 👌
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    "Multi-tasking" on the iPhone is okay at best. I'd expect iOS to be able to multi-task and not restart apps whenever I open them. On Android 4.2, apps don't close until you close them. Same thing on BlackBerry 10. 👎

    There's been a lot of complains of iOS looking dated and boring, and this holds true to a certain extent. I find iOS rather colouful and apart from some of the apps (Reminders, game centre), I actually quite like the design of iOS. Another plus for Apple. 👍
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    The app experience is good, but not great. I have apps constantly crashing on me (probably due to this being an older model) but the apps were - not surprisingly - of high quality and they look great. 👍

    Messaging on iOS is good. The interface looks neat and its easy to navigate around. iMessage is also great when chatting with friends who also own iDevices. 👍

    I like the new music interface with that simplistic, white background and the black notification bar. It looks great. What I don't like about the iPhone music experience is that I have to transfer music through iTunes (which I find really bad.) 👌

    Also, I find the lack of a file manager and the ability to download all sorts of files irritating. Perhaps it's because I have used the file manager on my Android way too much, but I can't even download a simple zip file from Safari. 👎

    Overall, the iPhone and iOS experience has been mostly acceptable for me and the only few things I miss from Android is the open-sourced community, the freedom and the more options available on Android. Though some apps crash often and some features cause my iPhone to hang or crash, the experience is still great. I do agree however that iOS needs a makeover though. And I'd like to have control over a product that I buy and not be told what I can or cannot do.

    There, end of my long post
    12-17-2012 01:37 AM

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