1. dacunto's Avatar
    Left iphone 4s to an HTC One X. Even tried a Nokia 920. Each one of the phones I tested had some good and some bad, but in the end Iphone felt just right. Just got my iphone 5, love it. Hopefully LTE will be all across the Denver, CO metro area soon. Right now, can only get LTE when I am fairly close to the City.
    11-30-2012 07:13 PM
  2. sj-performance's Avatar
    Congrats and welcome back. I joined apple when I got the 4S since launch. I had the 5 at launch day and 2 weeks ago felt the wanting to sale it and get a galaxy S3. Big mistake. Sold the galaxy this past Monday and Tuesday had a brand new 5 in white this time because my previous 5 was black. I'm staying well put with iOS and my 5. I learned 2 things from this. iOS is the smoothest of all and everything just works. I also learned the 5 looks so much better in white LoL. Enjoy.
    11-30-2012 07:37 PM
  3. IAmAuthority's Avatar
    Originally came from BlackBerry. Went back briefly last year, but I've since returned to iOS. It's much more fluid. You don't have as much customization options, but the options you do have are fluid and work well.

    Welcome back & welcome to iMore!
    11-30-2012 07:57 PM
  4. Sniper1087's Avatar
    well I will be joining the pack tomorrow I am getting the iPhone 5 and selling my Lumia 920, dont get me wrong the lumia is a great phone and have things that are cool and groundbreaking like the fact that people can develop to make lenses and add features to the camera, but the lack of apps is just annoying and some of them are just bad, cant wait to have all the apps that just work.
    11-30-2012 08:11 PM
  5. dacunto's Avatar
    thanks guys!
    11-30-2012 08:25 PM
  6. li2327's Avatar
    Welcome back everyone!
    Sniper1087 likes this.
    11-30-2012 09:35 PM
  7. sherlock's Avatar
    Glad you found the iPhone to be just right.

    Sent from my iPad2 using Tapatalk
    12-01-2012 12:03 AM
  8. John Yester's Avatar
    Welcome back use it well!!!
    12-01-2012 08:12 AM
  9. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    What would you say your biggest positives and negatives about the Nokia Lumia 920 were? The phone still stands out to me, but i wasn't real impressed with an hour of toying with my friends. It'd be nice to hear from an owner...
    12-01-2012 09:10 AM

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