1. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    With this hurricane coming, just wanted to send out some good luck and well wishes to people on the gulf coast, looks like this storm is going to be a major rain event, especially for New Orleans (big surprise right? lol)

    My uncle just boarded up his house in Gulf Shores and he's heading up here to hang out for the week, i rarely get to see him so it will be a nice visit (i just hope his house isn't damaged as he lost another house some years ago in Pensacola but just can't bring himself to leave the ocean front.

    Good luck guys! Batten down the hatches!
    08-27-2012 03:25 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    And I hope folks in harms way have heeded the advice posted on the iMore blog page over the weekend about being technologically prepared.
    08-27-2012 03:37 PM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    I had really counted on going back to school yesterday, and was a bit disappointed when they closed schools through Wednesday. It's weird though, this will be my first hurricane not being a shelter manager, so regardless of the severity, it's going to be weird for me.
    08-28-2012 08:57 AM
  4. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    Isaac is supposed to get to the Corn Patch on Friday. By that time, it'll be nothing more than rain and some wind, but it's rain we desperately need. Because of the drought, I've got cracks in my yard big enough to hide a dead body in.
    08-28-2012 09:29 AM