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    I get how some people dislike the closed system of apps and restrictive settings that apparently "lock down" the device. I myself find that this closed system of it "just working" is exactly what I like Love about apple. I am a member on crackberry to try to find out about this playbook I have mounted in my truck as a wanna be gps (it really only has 1 working gps app and even it isnt that great) and everytime I try to participate in any discussions I am thrown to the wolves as I cant possibly know anything or be open to anything made by any other brand as I own and use apple stuff! It absolutely drives me crazy as there was once a long time ago I swore I would never buy into the apple junk and it must all be lies, that was until I actually used one of these "magical" devices. They really do turn on and get right to whatever it is you wanna be doing there is no loading crap and adjusting 100 settings to find a balance of battery life and performance it all just flows well and balances itself out. I argue that in my experience every one of my apple products works 100% exactly as they advertised it to and there has never been any other tech product I have purchased that I can say the same about. It really bothers me that people still think that apple is some kind of drug that must hypnotize the user cause it really cant be that good and then the same people making that argument havnt even tried to use the damn thing!!! Anyone else experience this and how do you deal with the people that have no experience with apples products smack talking them?

    I have never used and will most likely never use any android devices and I do not talk about them cause I have no idea, I used windows mobile on a Palm Treo Pro and loved it but when that phone died it was so out of date it wasnt worth buying a replacement so I switched to a blackberry. I loved the old windows mobile as it had a built in feature that would read your incoming text and emails to you including thru a bluetooth device which meant when suppliers emailed me I could listen to it as I worked and then if it was important I knew to stop what I was doing and respond. I hope one day siri is as smooth and useful as that was!
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    I agree. As a former bb phone user myself I couldn't see see getting another brand of phone. But after having numerous issues with my 5 month old 9850, I gave up and ordered my iPhone 4s. Never looked back. Apple has a great product and great Custumer service so If they can keep that up then I will keep using their products.

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    I've used BB then Android and now iOS and just as you just works. The thing holding me back was that I'm a Verizon customer and we couldn't get the iPhone. Now that I have one I can't see using any other device.
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    I'm just the opposite, have a Iphone 4 and went back to the Bold 9930. Don't get me wrong the Iphone is a great phone but I don't play games or video on it. Email, Text, calls and News is about it. For me the Bold does it best, I also Hate typing on glass so that's another reason.

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    I find myself getting more frustrated visiting Android Central rather than CrackBerry. The members at AC, for the most part, are all bashing people who own Apple products. They all act like Android is the best platform ever made. There really is no best platform. It's all about what works best for you. I don't see why there is so much hate towards Apple products. I know there are dozens and dozens and dozens of lawsuits against Apple but the rudeness is unnecessary. If the device works for you than that's awesome. It just so happens that all the products I own are Apple. But that doesn't mean I hate Android or BlackBerry or Windows. I actually like Android and BlackBerry but they just don't suit my needs
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    I hate hate hate...hate.
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    I've been using cell phones since about 1995. I have used almost every OS out there. I've had the old style cell phones with screw on rubber antennaes. Normally when I voice my opinion about Android or Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile or Blackberry or any other phone or OS out there, it's because I've used them and have had experience with them.

    But that doesn't cut it with Android fanboys and their childish comments. Over the past week, I've been called *******, asshat, and every other colorful metaphor you can think of by Android fanboys. But when you ask anyone who hates Apple and the iPhone if they've ever used it, you get the typical 5th grade responses.
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    Still having trouble at CB? I did my best to try to make you feel welcome which you are!
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    I've had actually had very good experience over at CB. Before I decided on the iPhone 4S I was contemplating getting the Bold 9930 so I had hopped on to CB and asked them which they thought I should get after telling them a little about what I wanted to do with the phone. I'm pretty sure all of the the responses were positive and along the lines of get what's best for you and such and they did not bash apple products. It's the android users that are getting butt hurt because not everyone uses android. If it doesn't work for you then don't use it.
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    i hate any hate. Simply go for the brand that works best for you, if they don't suit your needs, that doesn't mean you have to hate it. There are pros and cons on every major platform, there's no perfect platform as there is no single platform that suits everyone.
    08-02-2012 01:10 PM
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    The thing about hate...

    ... from a slightly different context: "Those whose faith is weakest are the most militant in defending that faith."

    I have seen symptoms of that in the Apple religion and in the 29er Mountain Bike religion. Clearly, there's others. I find the current crop of touch screen phones too large to carry all day. I also find 29" wheels on a mountain bike too large but don't mind others riding those bikes. I'll stick to my 26" kiddie wheels for the trails, and a compact phone for 24/7 use.

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