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  • Yes! I paid for it, so let me use it!

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  • No. Carriers need to charge to keep the networks running.

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  1. jnat88's Avatar
    I have often debated this. Is data a commodity that you've paid for and therefore should not expire? Many carriers have done this with cell minutes, letting you "roll over" those minutes not used in a billing cycle, but why not with data? So if I have a 3 GB/month plan and only use 1 GB this month, it would "roll over" to the next month. I'm still paying for the 3 GB that month, but would have 5 GB total because of the extra 2 the month before. That way if you are a heavier user some months (say for travel or whatever) than you don't have to worry about overages as much. It could still expire like minutes after a year of non-use.

    The other option is more of a pre-paid one. Say I pay $100 for 10 GB of data. I should be able to use that data for as long as it takes me. If in say, 60 days, I have 1 GB left, I should be able to add on additional data to my plan. Think of a pre-paid toll system (like EZ Pass). Would you be outraged if any extra money in your EZ Pass account disappeared at the end of every month? Of course you would! You are paying for a service and should be able to use it until it's gone.

    What do you think? Do you think carriers would ever do this? Personally I don't think they ever will. Their networks are already being strained from use. Honestly, I wouldn't mind paying the current costs, or dare I say even more, if I knew I was guaranteed to use what I was paying for.
    07-23-2012 10:15 PM

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