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    hey all, recently iv been seeing a huge increase in 3d content recently, both from my cable provider and the internet and blurays , i have been wanting sooo much to experience 3d movies in my own home, but money is tight right now, as it always is, so i can afford a new tv , and the tv i have now is a very good 1, a 50" samsung plasma ,

    i found a working solution to this problem, iv actually found a way to convert any 3d content really (side by side and half sbs) into any anaglyph format (coloured glasses, variouse types) ... and the results to me were quite incredible !!! the depth of the 3d is exactly that of a 3dtv with active glasses (i know cause iv tested them in store) , and the anaglyph glasses really dont interfier too much at all with the colours, and if they do with certain films then u can easily adjust the colour settings ..... a very very close alternative to an expensive 3dtv in my opinion.

    it took me weeks of searching far and wide on the internet to work out how to do this, and in the end i am able to do it very easily using a combination of a couple of FREE tools available on the internet , u just need a PC and im pretty sure alot of the tools can still work on MACs too.

    the converting is done in REAL TIME as you play it back, "on the fly" using avisynth to framserve to your player, i have thrown up a quick blog on the subject with guides on howto set it up, its all very very easy and takes minutes , and then u can download and watch SBS or H-HSB 3d content, the tools can even covert over-under content but i havent qritten a tutorial on that yet,

    so if you fancy giving it a go im sure you will love the results, iv watched every single 3d bluray available that interests me using this method and i just love it

    tutorials on my blog

    Watch 3d without 3dtv ... for FREE
    07-22-2012 12:59 AM