1. Lozenger19's Avatar
    I was just wondering which is the better phone the iPhone 3 or iPhone 4.

    I've had my iPhone 3 since it was first released and had NO problems with it.

    My friend has the iPhone 4 and has needed to send it back on numerous times due to various different problems.

    What are people's views on this?

    Has anyone had the iPhone 3 then upgraded to iPhone 4, or downgraded from 4 to 3?

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    07-10-2012 10:18 AM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    the 3 sucks. get the 4
    07-10-2012 12:41 PM
  3. Lozenger19's Avatar
    the 3 sucks. get the 4
    I disagree & think it's the other way round, but thanks for the feedback

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    07-10-2012 02:41 PM
  4. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I had the iPhone 3G a few years back and liked it. It was well built and fast for its time, but it cannot compete with the 4S in terms of speed and power. To be fair, I don't have my old 3G to compare it with my 4S or my daughter's iPhone 4 in regard to iOS 5 or 5.1.1. Still, the OS it had on it at the time I owned it, worked smoothly. I only had the 3G for a couple of months before I ended up going back to Blackberry. I was a die hard blackberry fanatic at the time.

    Just Me, D
    (iPhone 4S)
    07-10-2012 02:51 PM
  5. Guacho's Avatar
    just because that particular phone had issues does NOT mean the 3 is better... features is what you have to keep in mind..
    07-10-2012 02:53 PM
  6. BLiNK's Avatar
    I disagree & think it's the other way round, but thanks for the feedback
    ??? how? it is the next generation. it IS faster and better smh

    i went from the 3G to the 4 and it was a major difference
    07-10-2012 03:11 PM
  7. Lozenger19's Avatar
    I've had no problems with my 3GS. One of my friends had a 4 and ended up downgrading after 1 week because She said "getting the iPhone 4 was the worst mistake of my (her) life so far"

    I think it comes down to personal opinion. I think 3 & 4 are both good for different reasons and both have great features (never owned or going to own a 4)

    The reason I started this topic was because I've only read complaints about the 4 and not read/ seen anyone complaining about 3/ 3GS (until this topic)

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    07-10-2012 04:43 PM
  8. BLiNK's Avatar
    just wait for the "Next iPhone". problem solved
    07-10-2012 05:51 PM
  9. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Do you have the 3G or the 3GS?

    The 3G has met its technological breaking point...updates continue to close the door on its abilities, it's relevance to the current iPhone's is becoming more and more distant, and it becomes more obsolete with each iOS release. The simple fact of the matter is, it's a dinosaur in technology terms.

    The 3GS isn't quite as bad, but it is approaching this fate quite quickly as well...viewing the limitations it will have with the new iOS 6 update will leave many 3GS owners looking to the newer models. And like the 3G, with each update to iOS 6, the 3GS will stride closer and closer to being obsolete.

    Is the 3GS a bad phone? Not at all, it's still better than many of the touch screen offerings out there today from other manufacturers.

    Is it as good or better than the iPhone 4 or 4S? Not even close. The iPhone 4 is leaps and bounds better in all facets, and will remain relevant for longer than the 3GS. The 4S is not even in the same sport here, comparing the 3GS to the 4S would be like comparing the VW Bug to the Porsche 911.
    07-10-2012 08:25 PM
  10. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    To add...if you've only read complaints about the iPhone 4, you need to broaden your iPhone literary sources. The amount of people unhappy with the iPhone 4 that I've personally known and read from is drastically less (and i can't emphasize drastically enough here) than the people happy with it.
    07-10-2012 08:29 PM
  11. Chanpisan#IM's Avatar
    iPhone 4 is superb comepare to 3g or 3gs ,have 3gs for awhile but its not close to 4 or 4s , retina display and power is alot better plus smooth on latest ios
    I think your friend have a bad luck caused a defected phone , if she didnt got a defected one at the first may be the look to i4 or 4s may be different
    Sry for my English

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    07-10-2012 11:31 PM