1. mbartel500's Avatar
    Now that Apple has settled with Chinese patent trolls, there will be no end to the lawsuits against them. A company as big as Apple should never settle without a fight. The only way to reduce the number of lawsuits, is to make it clear that it will be so expensive, time consuming, and resource exhausting, that very few companies will be willing to fight it to the end. By handing out settlements, you are inviting every patent troll out there to take a shot. Sure, the first few fights will be expensive, but the knife cuts both ways. When a tiny little punk *** Chinese company can make Apple do what it wants, something is very wrong. If Apple flexed it's muscles, and demonstrated it's willingness to go to the mat and stomp on these low life trolls, then it wouldn't take long for these bloodsuckers to realize the consequences are not worth the risk.
    07-05-2012 12:19 PM