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    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but it concerns a "Business app".

    I'm talking about the relatively new MS Office tool from OnLine Desktop. It allows you to run a full fledged version of MS Office from an iPad. It's a great little app, that offers a lot of functionality previous unavailable on the iPad, but it also has some serious limitations.

    I'm a writer, thus I spend much of my time cooberating with editors. I really need a tool that will allow us to all use the "Review" feature in MS WORD to mark, flag and comment on the text. None of the existing MS document tools allow you to do that. You can read a marked up document, but you can't do the marking up, nor can you search for the next flagged item.

    The new app handles these excellently, but there are fairly severe limitiations. The product doesn't work with any other product, so you can't use Dropbox or e-mail an Office document to yourself or anyone else. You have to go onto a Windows or Apple desktop and "load" the documents you want to access. It looks like they're hoping to use the editing function to push their own "Cloud" functionality (doesn't everyone, now?). However, I've got a group of people on various devices (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android and iOS) who aren't all up to the same technological level. (I have a hell of a time talking them through the Review function on non-MS word processor programs).

    The idea that I've got to talk a bunch of writers/editors to agree to use a single produce on a single device that's tied to specific software on specific desktops is asking for a bit much. It would have been easier if they'd done like all the other OFFICE products that accept Office documents, but it only accepts files using their own cloud uploading service. As such it's a useless product except for a single writer writing his own document, thus it really isn't much different than all the other products already on the market.
    01-20-2012 07:03 PM