1. FendrGuitPlayr's Avatar
    USB 2.0 maxed out at a theoretical 480Mbps,
    while USB 3.0 can theoretically handle up to 5Gbps.

    Mind you, applications like storage will still be limited by the type of drive inside; so, for example, you can expect better performance from RAIDed hard drives or fast solid-state drives (SSDs) than from, say, a standalone single drive connected to the computer via USB 3.0.

    Then, Apple's Thunderbolt, which is double the speed of 3.0 will come along and be with us for a long time until the cloud technology takes over...


    Your thoughts?
    01-05-2012 02:31 PM
  2. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Firewire won't die for a while i don't think...right now its real competition is USB 3.0, we will see what the cost of the new USB tech really is in the coming year.

    Thunderbolt on the other hand is a gimmick at best (right now)...the thunderbolt ready equipment is ridiculously over priced (i was going to buy a hard drive but i refuse to pay near $1,000 for such little storage space)...and until people really clasp onto thunderbolt as a more generalized way of transferring data, its going to remain over priced and simply not worth it...im hoping it doesn't become like HD-DVD did, dying out because it never catches on, but i have the feeling if USB 3.0 is capable of the speeds in a more widely accepted market, then there will be a USB tech shortly after that match thunderbolt, for much cheaper, rendering thunderbolt almost pointless.

    Back to firewire though...there are so many people in the industry that use firewire for pretty much every heavy duty transfer utility they have, it'll be quite a while before it is dead and gone...i mean look at CD's, ancient storage tool by todays standards (and even the standards of 3 years ago), yet they are still used in pretty regular frequency for many things...DVD's are also becoming the same, limited usage but still a wide demand. Both of those formats will be gone before we see the end of any kind of digital transfer/storage death (in my opinion).
    01-06-2012 07:04 AM
  3. FendrGuitPlayr's Avatar
    Another interesting trend to watch is the evolution of smart tv. The convergence of computer and television hardware will continue, and smart cable providers will integrate cloud storage and standard ISP features.

    This technology is here today. Watch it revolutionize the home theater experience, and provide an alternative to laptops and tablets for internet usage. We live in amazing times!
    01-06-2012 10:49 AM