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    I live on west coast. Pic was taken in key west

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    Thumbs up. can hardly mistake the white-gray tint of a Florida beach.
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    02-17-2012 07:25 AM
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    here is the best place to put apple stickers

    02-23-2012 11:24 AM
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    My family and I love apple (iphone, ipod, mac you name it). Found this independent supplier/original stickers for apple family (dad, mom, boy and girl).

    You can get it through amazon just search for:

    APPLE Family Car Decals Stickers ORIGINAL! DURABLE! NEW

    or link:

    Amazon.com: APPLE Family Car Decals Stickers ORIGINAL! DURABLE! NEW!: Everything Else
    05-26-2014 06:20 PM
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    Dude, HYDE1000 I'm from Florida! The Ron Jon surf shop gives stickers out to anyone who makes a purchase. Stickers are for anyone, any age! Actually when you get older they call them Decals. My old stickers are on my Xbfs car, and IPhone4. The stickers I got with my iPad this time around, I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with them. Hence the reason why I googled this forum. I guess if that's the least of my worries I'd be alright. So back to you dude, get a life and stop hating. It's funny that you would say "I gave my stickers to the only person I know that plays with stickers". Mean while, you searched for the same as all of us. You then took it a step further by making a nine-year-old look more mature then you. Unless it has an age restriction on it, then I do believe that means there's no age limit.
    For everyone else, those are all great ideas. Thank you! It's very much appreciated! :-)
    01-22-2015 12:34 AM
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    I collect apple stickers

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    02-04-2015 06:28 PM
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