1. tyrran's Avatar
    For me, it was Clarence Clemons. His passion and amazing talent made him a real hero in my eyes, and the fact that he was so important to the E Street Band helped connect me to how the sax could be a part of more than just jazz. His passing really got me, and I owe my music livelihood to his influence.
    11-07-2011 11:20 PM
  2. camaro_87's Avatar
    AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!!! then from there mostly classic rock, alot of new rock and recently been getting into some country.
    11-07-2011 11:20 PM
  3. zdkaram#IM's Avatar
    Im going to make tons of hits
    11-07-2011 11:30 PM
  4. giantlikefefifofum's Avatar
    King of Pop, Legend of Music, Icon of the World, Michael Jackson!!!!!
    11-07-2011 11:40 PM
  5. s2by10's Avatar
    John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson!
    11-07-2011 11:50 PM
  6. Cythecoolguy's Avatar
    He's not actually a famous artist, he just posts videos on YouTube. His name is Alex Goot and he got me most interested in music by showing me that good music doesn't have to necessarily come from a professional studio but from anywhere, even home! So that's when I really got into music
    11-07-2011 11:58 PM
  7. yskim4him's Avatar
    Bach and most Baroque composer
    11-08-2011 12:10 AM
  8. Appleshampoo's Avatar
    Blink 182 hands down
    11-08-2011 12:15 AM
  9. zee921's Avatar
    Learned to play guitar because of Metallica and Dimebag!

    Hook 'Em Horns!
    Go Stars Go!
    11-08-2011 12:17 AM
  10. cguilbeau's Avatar
    Metallica and Tool mostly, also Rage against the Machine and Tom Morello for his guitar work.
    11-08-2011 12:22 AM
  11. foggylemon's Avatar
    For me, it was probably Jars of Clay. I still love their music!
    11-08-2011 12:34 AM
  12. MrCornfed's Avatar
    David Bowie
    11-08-2011 12:38 AM
  13. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    AC/DC with Thuderstruck - it just make me start bopping away and just makes me want to try do something myself
    11-08-2011 12:44 AM
  14. rungnapha's Avatar
    The artist that inspire me to the music is Elvis Presely. My Dad used to be a D.J for the radio station. He knew that my mom like Elvis Presely song , so he played Elvis' song to my mom while they were dating on that time. I was born to this world because of Elvis 's song.
    11-08-2011 12:53 AM
  15. jugarte77's Avatar
    For me it was a single song, and that song was Piano man by Billy Joel. After I heard that song for the first time I just needed to learn how to play piano. I was 13 years old... 21 years later I play piano, guitar, drums and I can sing also. Guitar is my main instrument, but I got my music passion from Piano man.

    I already have Garage Band for iOS, but I'm still on the race for the Apogee Jam giveaway, and as promised, I'm already producing my mexican serenata for Leena and Georgia. All I need to complete it is the Apogee Jam.
    11-08-2011 12:55 AM
  16. pamaf's Avatar
    No brainer..Pink Floyd
    11-08-2011 01:31 AM
  17. pamaf's Avatar
    Pink Floyd, Genesis and my own music!
    11-08-2011 01:32 AM
  18. Ben0rr10's Avatar
    The first time I ever heard OK Computer. The bassline in exit music
    made want to create music alone.
    11-08-2011 01:47 AM
  19. atheeq91's Avatar
    Zain Bhika His Voice is Awesome
    11-08-2011 02:03 AM
  20. solo#IM's Avatar
    As a jazz musician, it has to be Miles Davis.
    11-08-2011 02:08 AM
  21. frankhoekzema's Avatar
    Although i have spent most of my time producing electronic music, i was originally inspired by Savage Garden. Especially the song 'Crash and Burn' is an absolute favorite.
    11-08-2011 02:21 AM
  22. sdlote's Avatar
    Billy Joel
    11-08-2011 02:36 AM
  23. alphalife's Avatar
    I have been most inspired by John Lennon, Sean Combs, Kanye West. Music Is Life!
    11-08-2011 02:51 AM
  24. buRlutA's Avatar
    I learned to play guitar because of Scorpions (Uli Jon Roth & Matthias Jabs) and AC/DC (Angus Young). But mostly Matthias Jabs.
    11-08-2011 03:35 AM
  25. Sharksquill's Avatar
    Dylan. I knew if he could get away with that voice, who was I to be shy.
    11-08-2011 03:43 AM
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